SKT Clid on Today's Game and Playing Lee Sin 1v1 Against Faker

On the 12th of July (KST), SK Telecom T1 defeated kt Rolster in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. With today’s win, SKT extended their winning streak to 4. Compared to when they had the long losing streak early in the season, SKT’s performance was significantly better. Kim “Clid” Tae-min’s performance stood out throughout the match and was voted as the MVP in both games.


You played your most and best picks, Lee Sin, and Jarvan IV. How was the game?


Starting from the first game, things went well and I was able to play freely.

It was your first MVP this season. Did you think that you’ll become the only MVP for today?


After we had the 5-game losing streak, winning as a team was more important. I prioritized winning as a team rather than getting the MVP.

When you ganked top in Game 1 with Lee Sin, it was very timely. How did it go?


I communicated with Khan about when to go in.

Looking at you play Lee Sin reminds us of the video of you playing Lee Sin 1v1 against Faker. Do you have any tips to give him?


Faker lacks a bit on 1v1s. I’m just thinking he’ll be putting in more effort after he lost to me.


How was the 2v2 situation in Game 2?


I wasn’t sure that we’d win that, but I think we got a bit lucky.

It seems that SKT is fully recovered. However, you weren’t able to beat the top teams in Round 1. Any goals for Round 2?


As Faker said in an interview before, I’d like to beat all the teams that we lost to in Round 1 no matter what.

Any comments to the fans?


I’d like to thank the fans that always were there for us even when we were down in a 5-game losing streak. Please keep cheering for us.

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