GEN Peanut: "I ended up 3rd in my first game [of TFT]... You know, I'm a pro gamer. (Laughs)"

On the 12th of July (KST), Gen.G Esports took down the league leader, Griffin, in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. As of the win, Gen.G concluded Round 1 in 6th place above SK Telecom T1. During the match, jungler Han “Peanut” Wang-ho performed well and contributed to the team’s victory. Afterward the game, Peanut sat to talk about today’s match.


You defeated Griffin again. How do you feel?

I can’t confidently say that we prepared really well during Rift Rivals; we just practiced as we always did. I’m not sure why, but Game 1 went well. There were some moments that were regretful in Game 2; I personally think we lost. We were able to win Game 2 because they made a mistake first. If it weren’t for that, we would have made mistakes and lost. Nonetheless, I’m happy that we won and I’ll try to make a streak out of it.

Griffin is in 1st place, but they were rather creaky today. How did it feel playing against them? Did you see any problems in their performance?

Game 1 was something we prepared thoroughly during Rift Rivals. At least for Game 1, I can say we prepared really well. In Game 2… I think Griffin might have been frustrated because the picks we prepared were significantly different from the draft style during Rift Rivals.

What did you think watching the LCK teams perform in Rift Rivals?

While watching them, I thought DAMWON is really good and that it’s fortunate that we met them early. As for Griffin, I felt that they’re human: they make mistakes. It made me think that we could beat them.

Aside from that, Gen.G seems stronger against Griffin. What’s your opinion on that?

I don’t know. At first, I didn’t think about that too much. We actually haven’t beat them that much. But maybe because we beat them even though our performance wasn’t really good during the spring, we might get more confident when playing against them. Also, I think we prepare really good drafts against them like today’s Lux.

Can you elaborate on preparing good picks?

I don’t know. By chance? Or maybe a bit of luck and a lot of research. It feels that we find the pieces especially well against them.

New picks like mid Lux and Volibear shined today. What’s the source of that change?

Volibear appeared a few times during solo queue so Life started to prepare. He didn’t practice too much, but it was a perfect situation to pick him today. This was one of the picks we tucked up our sleeves during Rift Rivals.

They say autumn is Gen.G’s season. Do you feel it coming?

It should come. We need to be called that. I hope we do become autumn Gen.G and I’ll do my best to live up to that. As much as Worlds is in the autumn, it’s better to be autumn Gen.G than spring Gen.G.

To climb to the top, you still have a long way to go. What team are you looking out for the most?

There are too many teams that we need to beat. It’s really difficult to pick one because they’re all so good. I don’t we’re in a situation to pick a team to look out for the most; we need to beware of all of them.

Have you played TFT yet?

I played a game because the solo ranked server went down. It seemed that item combinations are really important. I only looked at the item combination guides. Since I had some knowledge from Auto Chess, I tried some synergies. I ended up 3rd in my first game. After that, I haven’t been playing because I need to practice.

3rd on your first game?

You know, I’m a pro gamer. (Laughs)

Any resolutions for Round 2?

We finished Round 1 with a 5-4 record, but I’d like to believe that we’re 6-3. The match against KT was so close. In Round 2, we’ll get much better results than Round 1 so that we can make the playoffs.

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