GEN CuVee on his 1v2: "Whoever’s in that situation, there’s no assurance of winning. I just went ‘whoa, I won’ after I did win."

On the 12th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 23 match between Griffin and Gen.G Esports, Gen.G succeeded to sweep Griffin. With the win, Gen.G again stood in the way of Griffin. In the match, Song “Fly” Yong-jun and Lee “CuVee” Seong-jin delivered outstanding performances and were voted as MVPs. After the match, they took a moment for an interview.



It’s been a while since Fly played. How do you feel?


Fly: I prepared a lot to play on stage, and I really did my best. I’m happy that we won. 


CuVee: It was an extremely difficult match so I’m really tired, but I’m very glad to win.

Everybody was caught off guard with the Gen.G’s picks in Game 1. How did you come up with that comp?


Fly: Life played well on Volibear in solo queue, so we brought that into our game. It went well.

What did you aim for with that comp?


Fly: We just thought the better team would win.

Your Q accuracy was amazing on Lux.


Fly: In teamfights, my Q skillshots landed on the opponent DPS champions well, so it was alright.

Game 2 was close to the end. You wouldn’t have been sure about the win until the end. How did you think to resolve the situation?


CuVee: At that point, I thought the only solution was to win in teamfights. Luckily for us, Griffin made a mistake and we were able to find a chance to end. Fortunately, we succeeded to end.

You were playing 1v1 the whole game against Camille. Considering Karthus’ ult, it was 1v2.


CuVee: It was really pressuring playing against Camille because of Karthus, but after I won once, I gained a small advantage. From that point, I thought it was endurable.

Were you positive that you won’t die?


CuVee: Whoever’s in that situation, there’s no assurance of winning. I just went ‘whoa, I won’ after I did win. (Laughs)

Round 2 is coming and fans would be expecting better results for Gen.G.


Fly: We’ll play like today. It’s not that there are no regrets today; I’ll look back at today’s performance and come back with improvements next time.


CuVee: Round 1 is over and we’ll prepare better in Round 2 to deliver even better performance.

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