[TFT Guide: Champion Spotlight] Insta-Ult Miss Fortune

Miss FortuneThe Bounty Hunter

MF is a 5-cost champion, which means she’s pretty hard-to-get with that already. However, once you get her and she starts firing her bullets all over your enemy, you’ll find out quickly why she was worth the wait. Miss Fortune doesn’t one-punch your enemies like Draven does or insta-delete them like Morgana or Aurelion Sol does, but she does do pretty much damage over time - even when she’s a 1-star champion.

There are conditions, of course, to fulfill for her to do that damage. Get two Seraph’s Embraces and a Morellonomicon on her. Well, yeah, any champion with three items stacked on them are quite strong, but not all of them ult on the whole enemy composition with heavy damage. Another option would be Rabadon’s Deathcap, but Morellonomicon is more recommended.


It’s not easy to stack up on items, and it’s not easy to actually survive until that point. So this strategy would only be effective if you do survive and get those items, or in other words, if you get 2-3 Tears of Goddesses within the first few creep waves, it’s worth a shot. And aside from winning or losing, it’s pretty fun.

Unfortunately in this game, as most of you know, you can’t take away the items you gave to a champion, which means, there will be four Tears, a Rod, and a Giant Belt left over, not being used. Considering how heavy this game relies on items, you’ll be stomped. To resolve this matter, pick a champion that can have good use of double Seraph’s and Morellonomicon. You can use that champion until you get MF, and simply sell it away when you finally land on MF. Some of these champions would be Garen, Cho’Gath, Kennen, Brand, etc. It would be best if this champion doesn’t deactivate a critical synergy when taken out.





The bonus damage from the Sorcerer synergy would be very useful when it comes to Miss Fortune’s ults. There are many ways to balance the Sorcerer synergy with other synergies so it wouldn’t be too difficult to get to that point. Just think that you’re going for Sorcerer until you meet MF. When Twisted Fate gets updated in the game, it’ll be a lot easier to complete this comp alongside Pirates.

Pirate, Gunslinger

Obviously, Pirates and Gunslingers go well with Miss Fortune. It’s great to endure the early-mid game until you get MF, and the extra gold would help you level up, buy more champions, etc. Giving Graves the Red Buff (Chain Vest + Giant Belt) is also a plus if you have the luxury of extra items. However, the objective of having this build MF is to ult immediately. Pirate extra gold comes in handy, but the Gunslinger synergy isn’t that helpful when you get Miss Fortune.


You can turn one of the enemy’s champion’s health to 100, which means if Miss Fortune is located properly, she insta-kills that champion. However, Mordekaiser’s strength is underwhelming. Recommended when you find Karthus in the late game.


▲ Locate your stacked Miss Fortune carefully...
▲ ...And shoot away!

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