DWG Nuguri: "It feels that I’m getting closer to three words: LoL World Championship."

On the 11th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 22 Match 1, DAMWON Gaming defeated SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 and stretched their winning streak to 7, while SANDBOX’s win streak came to an end. Top laner Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon showed off his aggressiveness and contributed to the team's victory. He was interviewed by the press after the match.


Both teams were on a 6-game winning streak, so it was really important. How do you feel winning by such a big margin?


I was quite nervous because our first match after Rift Rivals was against one of the top teams. I’m glad that we won 2-0.

How was it playing in your first international tournament?


Before actually playing in the Rift Rivals, the ratio between being excited and nervous was about 9:1. But when I first stood in the stadium, it became the exact opposite. In the finals, I had a complex feeling because if Griffin won, we wouldn’t be able to play but win the championship. We did play though. It was a priceless experience to have played on an international stage.

Including Rift Rivals, you’re on a 10-game winning streak. The team atmosphere must be really good right now.


Before the season started, we discussed amongst ourselves about communication and shotcalls; that we need to talk more. Now that we have so much confidence, I don’t think we’ll lose.

What is the source of your dominant laning… Even among the pro players?


I think I know a lot of cheesy skills in laning. I’m also good at reading my jungler’s and the opponent jungler’s thoughts well. In terms of laning skill itself, I think all pro players are similar. 

Vladimir is a popular pick in DAMWON. Between you and Showmaker, who do you think is better at Vladimir?


We haven’t talked about it directly. We both utilize Vladimir extremely well, but as much as I played more, I think I’m better. But if it comes to Akali, Showmaker is about 20K times better than me.

Starting next week, Mordekaiser will be unlocked on the LCK client. What’s your thought on Mordekaiser?


I’m doomed. (Laughs) Starting next week, we can pick Mordekaiser and Qiyana, but since what’s more important is the matches we’re about to play, I always banned them. We would need to practice and see, but there are clear counters so it would be hard to pick them first.

What’s your goal for Round 2?


Since our winning streak is going on for so long, I’ve become extremely confident. It feels that I’m getting closer to three words: LoL World Championship.

Any last comments?


There’s about 2% of the recent matches that I’m unsatisfied about myself. I’d like to improve on that part.

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