AFs Kuro: "We will keep it up and produce a winning streak."


Afreeca Freecs won 2-1 against Samsung Galaxy today in the first matchup of day 3 LCK Spring Split 2017. Afreeca Freecs' mid laner Seohaeng "Kuro" Lee successfully led the team to its first victory in the season with his Cassiopeia and Orianna.

Below is the post-match interview with Kuro.


How does it feel to win?

It feels great to win my first game in Afreeca Freecs. We had week showing during our scrims before the tournament took off, but our coaches and managers took great care of us and we were able to make a comeback. I feel really thankful for them, because we would have lost if it were not for them covering our back.


Samsung Galaxy came second in Worlds last year. Did that make you any nervous?

There was not as much pressure to me. SSG's performance in Worlds surely posed threat to us, but I thought we had enough chance to win.


MaRin played AD Kennen against Maokai.

We scrim with many different champions, and AD Kennen was among them. Honestly I didn't think it was a good idea because it takes time for Kennen to grow and gain power. We decided to just give it a try.


You were nailing it with Orianna in the third set. Did you think you were going to be the MVP?

I successfully led two teamfights that resulted in huge profit. My Shockwave successfully connected to enemy mid laner and jungler, and I think that made great contribution to our victory today. But they awarded Spirit as the MVP today. [laughs] I agree that he did really well with his Olaf, but I thought I would be the MVP because of the two successful teamfights. [laughs] After all, I think Spirit really deserved it today. All I want is for our team to win the game, so I feel great.


How did it feel to play with MaRin and Spirit after they returned to LCK?

They are skilled players that have experience in winning. I think such players with successful career all play really well, and they did do well today. I cannot agree with some people saying that they became less competitive during their time out of LCK.


There was much criticism surrounding the bottom lane today.

I am aware of that, but I think our bot laners are doing really well. They are showing solid performance in scrims, and I hope such criticism washes away soon enough. We would not have won today if Kramer and TusiN didn't to well.


What do you think about the upcoming matchup against MVP?

We won against SSG, and I think we will be able to carry on our winning streak if we keep up the positive flow. We will win against MVP and also the next opponents to come first in the group.


How would you compare Afreeca Freecs with GE Tigers two years ago?

I honestly didn't know we would do so well when GE Tigers was founded. However, things turned out well and we even won 13 times in a row. Afreeca Freecs this season threw me to a flashback to the old days when I joined the team, so I thought we would do just well. Things were rough for us in the beginning because our teamwork did not work out so well, but we have finally pulled ourselves together as a team and achieved great things. I think we will do just fine.


It's first time Yeonsung "iloveoov" Choi is coaching in LoL.

I heard rumors about him and thought he would be really strict and tough, but he actually eased things out for us. He loosens up the atmosphere by making jokes and also gives us productive advice. My first impression on him was that he was on a different level. I really respect him.


Any last words?

I am thankful for all those that helped Afreeca Freecs stick together as a team. Our managers and coaches really work hard and help us, and I am really thankful for that they do. MaRin should stop yelling at us and Spirit should talk less often. [laughs] I hope our bot laners speak more. They are doing well, but just not as confident. I hope they become more confident in their gameplay. I am also very thankful for all the fans that cheer for us.

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