Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes July 10th: QoL Changes and Hints Toward Shai Awakening(?)

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New Furniture

● New furniture: Kutum Lamp and Nouver Statue have been added.
* The new furniture can be interacted with to receive a buff at the cost of the items' durability. 
* Kutum Lamp and Nouver Statue have a maximum durability of 10.
* Upon interacting with Kutum Lamp and Nouver Statue, you receive the following buffs that last 2 hours:
- Kutum Lamp: All AP +15, Ignore All Resistance +5%.
- Nouver Statue: All AP +15, All Resistance +5%.

▲ Kutum Lamp
▲ Nouver Statue
Furniture Recipe
Kutum Lamp Ancient Kutum Fragment x3 
Star Diamond x50
Rumbling Earth Shard x100
Concentrated Boss Spirit x1 
Trace of Despair x500
Nouver Statue Nouver Leather Piece x3
Blood Ruby x50
Fire Horn x100
Concentrated Boss Spirit x1
Trace of Despair x500


Hystria Ruins Extension

● Hystria Ruins has been extended. 
- An old wall within the ruins broke down, revealing a path deeper into the ruins.

"We're continuing to rework and improve existing grind spots. This time, it's Hystria Ruins.

Aakman Temple and Hystria Ruins are areas designed and meant for powerful and daring adventurers who have met a certain gear score. Therefore, we found it necessary to make these two locations more appealing for those whose goal is to one day reach these places. With this patch, we've made Hystria Ruins at least twice as large as before. Looking for a spot to grind within the ruins will be a lot easier now. The next place that we're planning to rework is similar to Hystria... Hasrah Ancient Ruins."

Altar of Blood

● The 10th stage of Altar of Blood, 'The 10th Illusion: Regret' has been added. 
● A new challenge reward has been added for the Altar of Blood.

Stage Reward
The 10th Illusion Caphras Stone x70

● A matchmaking system has been implemented for the Altar of Blood.
- If you enter the Altar without a party, it'll automatically match you with two other adventurers who have queued in alone.
● A guild leaderboard ranking system has been added.


● Rage Absorption (Common) and Rage Absorption (Innate)'s critical hit rate buff can now stack with other buffs that increase critical hit rate.

Stackable Unstackable
Critical Hit Rate Attack Speed
All AP Casting Speed
All DP Movement Speed
All Evasion  


▲ Critical Hit Rate buff from Maehwa's General Apricot will stack with the Critical Hit Rate buff from Rage Absorption. 
▲ Although the attack speed buff icon will appear for both General Apricot and Rage Absorption, it will not stack.


●Florang skill effects have been changed.

▲ "Shai found a new talent! As if she's satisfied with her new finding, Shai has been spending every day with a smile attached. You'll find out what it is soon enough! 'Toh-Kong, Toh-Kong!'"


● While fishing, a new feature that allows you to discard fish depending on its grade has been added. 

● What you can throw away is decided by your fishing level.
● The new feature only affects fish. Relic Shards, event fishing items, and etc. will not be thrown away.
● Caphras Stones that are collected through gathering will now grant gathering EXP.


● You can now see the Black Star Weapons in the Dye(J) Window. (However, you still can't dye the weapon.)
● The bonus Life EXP that you earn from 'Extra Life EXP Scrolls' has been buffed from 10% to 50%. 


● Dark Rift monsters will not spawn for characters below level 55. (So that the monsters cannot interfere your grind when raising a mule.)
● The monsters on the highest floors of Aakman Temple will respawn slower (about twice as slow) but more monsters have been added.
● Monster count has been decreased in some areas of the lowest floor of Aakman Temple.

"During the last couple of weeks, we held an event where Aakman monsters respawned a lot faster. As a result, a lot of adventurers came to grind at the temple. At first, we updated the Aakman Temple in hopes of making all the rooms equally as efficient. However, in turn, some areas became way too efficient. We've implemented this change through this patch to balance that out."


●Level-up information guide window has been added.

● Upon leveling up, a window that displays the increase in HP, resource, and maximum carry weight will appear. The new window will also show what skills you have learned, and what skills you can learn through investing skill points.
● You can now turn on/off the feature that displays the knowledge rank that you have on a monster.

● A bookmark feature has been added for the adventure logs.

- You can insert a bookmark on any page of an adventure log. 
- When you access the adventure log, you'll be instantly directed to the page with the bookmark. 
- You can only insert one bookmark at a time.

Background, NPC, Effect, Cutscene

● Certain effects have been optimized. As a result, Black Desert Online's file size has been decreased.


● The 'escape' feature from the ESC menu will now move you to the area's merchant in the following grind spots. (Due to the frequent bug where players fell through the floor.)
- Hystria Ruins
- Aakman Temple
- Protty Cavern
- Sycraia Underwater Ruins

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