Faker's Neeko: Pro Build and Highlights

During the highly anticipated LCK vs. LPL Grand Final of the 2019 Rift Rivals: KR/CN/LMS/VN, SKT Faker garnered a lot of attention from the fans. In his match against TES on the 2nd game of the series, Faker played Neeko and applied significant pressure on all parts of the map. Back in the LCK league, Faker received a lot of criticism for his tendency to prioritize laning over roaming, so his performance throughout the Rift Rivals tournament removed the doubts that the fans carried.

Faker is currently undefeated on Neeko over the 4 games that he's played her on stage. This is his Neeko build and highlights from RR. 

Rune Page


Item Build Order


Build at the End of the Game



Faker roams bot lane to burn Ezreal's Flash, which snowballed into a kill for Teddy later on. 

The classic Neeko Ult+Flash combo.

With Khan's HP low, anyone would've expected Faker to recall with Khan. Faker, instead, sent his decoy towards Khan and walked along in a straight line towards the enemy team to fool them and catch them by surprise. The Neeko ult+Flash combo sealed the game. 

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