[Rift Rivals] iG Rookie: "I think it'd be the most exciting to play against Faker. I still have a lot to learn from him, and it'd feel amazing if I can defeat him."

On the 6th, at the Seoul Jang-Choong Stadium, the semifinal of the 2019 Rift Rivals: LCK/LPL/LMS/VCS went underway. In order, LPL's JDG, TES, and FPX played against and defeated LMS-VCS's FW, MAD, and DBL to advance to the Grand Final, where LCK awaits. 

The LPL teams each sent out their head coach and a representative player for the press conference after the match.

Which LCK team do you feel is most threatening?

JDG Head Coach, Homme: I believe Griffin is their ace team. It'd be great to avoid playing against them. However, if the other LPL teams manage to win their games, it'd be fine for us to play GRF. 

IG Head Coach, Karam: It doesn't matter who we face. However, SKT is probably sharpening their knives, dearly waiting for a chance at revenge. That's the only team that I'd feel uncomfortable facing.

FPX Head Coach, WarHorse: All four LCK teams are insanely strong. We'll have to wait and see tomorrow.

TES Head Coach, BSYY: This is our team's first time competing at Rift Rivals. I want to learn as much as possible during our time here. I don't care who we face.

(To Homme) Why did you sub in Kanavi in place of Flawless today?

Homme: He's very mechanically talented. However, he's still an amateur that lacks the professional game sense, and that's why he hasn't been seeing a lot of play on stage. In terms of mechanics, Flawless may be a level below Kanavi, but he's outstanding in every other area, and that's why he's still the starting jungler. 

(To the Players) Which specific LCK player do you want to face at the Finals? 

JDG LvMao: Every LCK support player is strong. I want to play them all.

IG Rookie: That's hard to say... I think it'd be the most exciting to play against Faker. I still have a lot to learn from him, and it'd feel amazing if I can defeat him. But unlike last year, there are rookie LCK mid laners that have been making a name for themselves... Chovy and ShowMaker. I want to face them, too, if I get the chance.

FPX Crisp: I want to meet all of LCK's support players. They're all very good.

TES Xx: I want to play against Tarzan. He's a very talented jungler. Even if I am to lose, I want to face him and learn from him.

LCK finished the group stage in 1st place. What do you think the LPL needs to work on in order to defeat the LCK at the Grand Final?

Homme: We're still lacking. It'll be very important for us to send the proper LPL team against each LCK team. 

Karam: We'll need to work on making less mistakes.

BSYY: I'll work on lifting the players' mood, set up a positive atmosphere, then play the Grand Final with our team's unique playstyle.

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