[Rift Rivals] Kingzone DragonX Cuzz, "LPL Teams are very talented at teamfighting. I definitely felt it when I was on stage."


▲ Credit: Riot Games

Kingzone DragonX(KZ) defeated MAD Team at the first round of the Rift Rivals 2019 Group Stage Day 2. KZ definitely displayed a higher level of performance than MAD. KZ dominated MAD from the laning phase and have had secured a 3,000 gold lead over MAD. 

The following is an interview with KZ jungler, Woo-Chan ‘Cuzz’ Moon after his match. 

How do you feel about the tournament so far?

I competed in Rift Rivals 2018. However, I wasn’t given an opportunity to play on stage at that time. I’m very happy that I’m playing as a starter this year. Furthermore, as we have the other LCK teams as allies, I feel both comfortable and confident.  


Since all the LCK teams are on the same side, have the other LCK junglers share any information with you regarding the other regions’ teams?

Clid and Tarzan. Both of them told me a lot of good information regarding the LPL junglers. It significantly helped me in my games. I learned how to play against the LPL teams even before playing on stage. 


Your team KZ defeated Funplus Phoenix yesterday with great performance. Did you expect to win from the start?

Funplus finished both the spring and summer split with a phenomenal record. Even though we were confident heading in, we were still very happy that what we had planned worked. 


What’s your opinion of the LPL teams? How are they different from the LCK teams?

They’re very talented at teamfighting. I definitely felt it when I was on stage. We need to focus more on engaging first when playing against the LPL teams.


A lot of fans are expecting to see the LPL and LCK at the Finals. If you can choose a team to face, which LPL team do you want to play against?

Right off the top of my head, Top Esports. Since I have a good relationship with Top Esports’ bot laner, Loken, I want to play against him at the Finals. Furthermore, I heard about their jungler Xx from his former teammate, Rascal, who is my teammate now. For some reason, I feel close to him.

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