Black Desert Online KR Patch Notes July 3rd: Kunoichi, Cron Meals, and Buff Changes

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● 'Chain Crash: Sah Chakram' will now pull monsters to Kunoichi on successful hits. 
● Halo will now decrease its targets' DP on successful hits. 
● When casting Lethal Spin Spree, holding LMB will add two additional spins (4 hits per spin).
- Maximum number of hits 12→20
● Sah Spree of Sonan's PVE damage has been increased for when the skill is not on cooldown:

Before After
572% x3, max 4 hits 714% x3, max 4 hits
676% x3, max 4 hits 854% x3, max 4 hits
771% x3, max 4 hits 994% x3, max 4 hits
868% x3, max 4 hits 1134% x3, max 4 hits

● The following commands have been added for 'Flow: Wrath'
- LMB after casting 'Flow: Indignation'
- LMB after casting 'Danse Macabre'
● The following commands have been added for 'Flow: Indignation'
- RMB after casting 'Flow: Wrath'
- RMB after casting 'Danse Macabre'
● The combo fluidity from 'Flow: Chakram Rise' to 'Wheel of Wrath' has been smoothened and improved. 
● Delighted Blast's 'Lunar Explosion Damage' now has a 100% critical hit chance in PVE. 
● Lunatic Discus' final 3 strikes' attack range has been increased. The attack will be more centered and concentrated. 
● Pressing both LMB and RMB at the same time will now prioritize the LMB skill over the RMB one. 
● Wheel of Wrath's 1 Hit Attack and 2 Hit Attack's damage will be applied to its targets immediately and spontaneously upon cast. 
● Wheel of Wrath's '1 Hit Air Attack' and '2 Hit Down Attack' will now apply properly.
● An issue where Sah Chakram Training's horizontal slash's number of hits was reduced were fixed.
● An issue where Lethal Spin Spree's number of hits was reduced when attacking in a certain direction has been fixed. 


● An animation for when other adventurers or NPC's run into Shai while she is standing still has been added. 
● While in combat, Shai can hop on her mount immediately after interacting with it. 

Cron Meal Buffs

Meal Before  After
Exquisite Cron Meal -All AP +8
-All Accuracy +15
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-All Evasion +15
-Max HP +150
-All Resistance +4%
-Ignore All Resistance+4%
-All AP +8
-All Accuracy +15
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-All Evasion +15
-Max HP +150
-Max Stamina +200
-All Resistance +4%
-Ignore All Resistance +4%
-Back Attack damage +5%
-Critical Hit Damage +5%
Energizing Cron Meal -Extra AP against Monsters +13
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Chance to gain Knowledge +5%
-Chance to Gain Higher-Grade -Knowledge +2%
-Weight Limit +100LT
-Down Attack damage +5%
-Extra AP against Monsters +25
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Chance to gain Knowledge +10%
-Chance to Gain Higher-Grade Knowledge +5%
-Weight Limit +100LT
-Down Attack damage +5%
-Reduced Damage Intake from Monsters -6%
-Resistance to Heatstroke & Hypothermia +10%
Simple Cron Meal -Extra AP against Monsters +13
-Combat EXP +10%
-Skill EXP +5%
-Attack Speed +1
-Casting Speed +1
-Movement Speed +2
-Critical Hit +2
-Max HP +150
-Extra AP against Monsters +20
-Combat EXP +20%
-Skill EXP +10%
-Attack Speed +2
-Casting Speed +2
-Movement Speed +3
-Critical Hit +2
-Max HP +150 
-Reduced Damage Intake from Monsters -6%


Buff Bar Optimization

● The buff bar has been divided into three rows, each one representing: item buffs, character cast buffs (skills, etc.), and debuffs.
● Some buffs' icons have been unified into 1. (Example: T9 horse skill buffs)
● The 3 Campsite Tent buffs have been unified into 1. 
- The buff will last 90 minutes.
- The buff will cost 1 million silver.

▲ "Made my grind 2x more convenient"


● When a character's Karma goes below zero and some of his or her items lose their effects, raising the karma back above zero will instantly and immediately restore those items. (This may only apply to KR server's PC Bang exclusive items.)
● Cliff will now give you the summoning scroll that you need in order to complete the Cliff weapon quests. 


● An issue where pressing 'R' while mounted near an NPC rendered the character unable to dismount has been improved on.
- Pressing 'R' while holding down 'S' (Moving backward) will allow you to dismount even when there is an NPC around. (S+R)

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    level 1 hasan171

    When will Shai s awakening come?_??

  • 0

    level 15 Thunder

    Huge Cron buffs

  • 0

    level 2 Ryan_Alfani


    is 14 july Black Desert Online anniversary? especially for Korea server

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      level 1 Nigro_V


      black desert left first in Japan and then left in Korea

  • 1

    level 1 Kelvinator_X

    So which is Cron meal better for PVE?

    +25 Extra damage and 5% down attack bonus


    +8 AP and 5% back attack/crit?

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    level 4 Dringe

    Just to confirm, KR did not receive the passive Alchemy/Gathering exp for Shai that were in Global Lab patch notes last week?

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    level 1 dmiiceuk

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