Seoul Dynasty's Fleta: "What's working is our unique 12-player roster. [...] We are able to use different rosters based on our different styles and our opponent’s characteristics."

Seoul Dynasty has been an inconsistent team throughout the season. They have not able to find the playstyle that are able to get them to the next level. This week, however, they're back on the right foot. 

After the Dynasty's win against the Paris Eternal in Week 4, Byung-sun "Fleta" Kim spoke with Inven Global about the ups and downs for Seoul and his predictions about Stage 4.

Photo by Robert Paul

In this stage, Seoul has been inconsistent. Can you tell me what's working for the team and what you need to improve on?

What's working is our unique 12-player roster. We have 2 teams: A and B. We are able to use different rosters based on our different styles and our opponent’s characteristics. At the same time, what we have to work on is sometimes different rosters work and doesn't work. Since there are many changes to the starting roster, we have to get used to our teamwork.

What are the differences between styles using different combinations of the starting roster?

These answers don't really matter anymore since Fissure is gone. But, when we think about 2 teams before he left, the team with Marve1 is very aggressive and depends on the player's mechanics. Ult management is also needed to do that sort of aggressive playstyle. 

The teammates I usually play with, we work more on positioning. Ult management is more strategic and a bit different than Marve1's. 

Do you have to change your own playstyle when you're playing with Fits, Jecse, and Marve1 compared to playing with Ryujehong, Zunba, and Tobi? 

Yes, I had to adjust. The thing is that my position doesn't matter too much so I didn't have any problems adjusting with other players.

It hasn't been long since Marve1 joined our team so it's hard to tell. When you look at Marve1, he's aggressive in asserting his dominance. Fits, Jecse, and myself are a little bit more into management and strategy. Marve1 is trying to adjust to our playstyle. 

When I play with Jehong and Tobi, they are very powerful mechanically. They like to play aggressive.

Photo by Robert Paul

Do you have to change the way you communicated with your other teammates?

So I rotate my position with Illicit. We don't do much shotcalling - it's mostly tanks in front who's strategizing. For me, it wasn't much of a change.

We've seen you in and out of the lineup throughout the season. What are things that you continue to work and improve on?

I've been working on playing Brigitte. As I mentioned before, Marve1 is more aggressive so we decided Illicit might be a better fit to use Brigitte with Marve1. That's why Illicit was actually playing and I was working on getting better with Brigitte. At the same time, I have to adjust my playstyle with the meta. 

Now that Stage 4 is coming with the DPS meta, I'm working on different DPS heroes as well as Brigitte. 

I'm glad that you mentioned a change in Stage 4. If we were to see a new meta happen in Stage 4, what heroes would you like to play?

I would like to use Pharah or Genji. From my understanding, Pharah and Genji might not be used that often. 

Knowing your thoughts about that, what kind of comps do you think we'll see?

In my opinion, Sombra is really good. She can be used in various situations. With Sombra, we can probably see Tracer, McCree, or Widow. 

We might expect to see Winston and D.Va like last year. We can also see Orisa with another tank. I don't think Rein or Zarya will be used that much.

If we do see changes in Stage 4, how well do you think Seoul can improve because of it?

Even though we'll be better in Stage 4 with DPS heroes, we have many teams who will be very strong because of the changes. We will just have to see when Stage 4 comes around.

Photo by Ben Pursell

Thanks for the interview. It was nice to see you and the team stay optimistic throughout these changes in your roster and Stage 4 coming up. Do you have any shoutouts for anyone?

I want to say to my teammates, we are in a difficult situation right now but let's continue to try our best and finish the season strong.

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