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SK Telecom T1 Breaks 5-Game Losing Streak



SK Telecom T1 defeated kt Rolster to finally break their 5-game losing streak. In the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 17 match between SK Telecom T1 and kt Rolster, SKT finally succeeded to end their 5-game slide.


As both teams were desperate for a win, the two teams were very cautious throughout the game. The game teetered back and forth between the two teams for a long time, but as SKT secured their second Elder Dragon, KT wasn’t able to endure SKT’s attacks. Game 1 ended in 49 minutes with SKT’s victory.


SKT took out Mata and substituted in Effort in Game 2. The second game was very close as well. Although KT took first blood, SKT secured all the dragons to their side from the early game. Skirmishes broke out all around the Rift and SKT inched ahead little by little. However, after SKT slew the second Baron of the game, it tilted completely towards SKT’s side.


With the 2-0 sweep, SKT is now at 8th place (2-4, -4), taking one small step ahead of kt Rolster (2-4, -5) with set score difference. 


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