A small Dota Underlords patch ensures Tusk no longer knocks opponents hard enough to explore the galaxy

Open beta season is still in full swing for Dota Underlords. However, that's not the only thing that's been swinging excitedly. A new patch to the game adjusts multiple things, one of which is Savage Warrior Tusk's ultimate - apparently he has been Walrus Punching enemy units a bit too aggressively. The patch notes read: "Fixed Walrus Punch sometimes sending people into space."

Hilarity aside, the patch also contained a couple of fixes to a recently buffed hero: Dragon Knight. His first ability Breathe Fire (what it does is a real brain-teaser) didn't always hit the intended target. With that fixed he'd become quite a bit more powerful, but the patch accounts for it: the hero's bonus damage in Elder Form has been tuned down by 50 per unit level.

Full patch notes:

  • Based on community feedback, we've adjusted opponent selection weight to be even more biased against folks you've played recently.
  • Adjusted AI pathfinding: Units will only try to jump into a beneficial aura's range if it's only 1 cell away (down from 2).
  • Fixed bug that prevented Assassins from jumping.
  • Unstoppable (Warrior Alliance Item): Fixed some cases that caused this item to not work reliably.
  • Silver Lining: Fixed it granting 2 gold instead of 1.
  • Abaddon: Base Attack Time changed: 1.3 -> 1.5
  • Omniknight: Damage changed: [50-60, 100-120, 200-240] -> [40-50, 80-100, 160-200]
  • Dragon Knight: Elder Dragon Form bonus damage changed: [100, 150, 200] -> [50, 100, 150]
  • Dragon Knight: Elder Dragon Form is now marked as passive and cannot be silenced.
  • Dragon Knight: Now properly aims at the targets in front.
  • Dragon Knight: Fixed bug that caused Elder Form to take 0.5 seconds to start.
  • Tusk: Fixed Walrus Punch sometimes sending people into space.

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