FaZe Clan Fortnite captain Cloakzy is working with the organization to part ways

FaZe Clan announced via its Twitter news account over the weekend that the organization was in agreement to work towards parting ways with Dennis "Cloakzy" Lepore. In addition to being FaZe's Fortnite captain, Cloakzy is also the duo partner of Turner "Tfue" Tenney, who sued the organization over his contract last month.

▲ Image Source: FaZe Clan

The aforementioned tweet reads as follows: "FaZe Clan & Cloakzy are in agreement to work towards his future departure from our team. We will be open to transfer proposals from other organizations as we explore our options moving forward."

While it may be easy to pencil this in as another shockwave from the Tfue lawsuit, especially given Cloakzy's proximity to the situation. Unlike his duo partner Tfue, Cloakzy's conversations with FaZe have been far more tame, albeit inconclusive. In a stream following FaZe's announcement, Cloakzy confirmed that he's been trying to part ways with FaZe for the past six months. Cloakzy also mentioned that he was not notified prior to the FaZe announcement, and that it came as a surprise.



“We haven’t been in agreement with me leaving for the past six months, because I’ve been trying to leave for the past six months before the whole Tfue thing came out,” said Cloakzy. “I just went with the more passive route. I went with the route of, ‘Listen, I’m willing to work this out'...There’s nothing wrong with FaZe. FaZe is still a great org. All respect to Banks. All respect to every single person on FaZe... We couldn’t come to a conclusion. That’s it."

While Cloakzy's situation and approach differs drastically from Tfue, the reasons for the initial desire to part ways with the organization may not be too different. When asked why he wanted to leave FaZe Clean during the stream, Cloakzy simply stated, 'You guys saw the contract.' The implication is that Cloakzy and Tfue may have similar gripes regarding their contracts with FaZe, despite Cloakzy's far less fiery dynamic with the organization. 

Cloakzy also confirmed that he was not looking for a contract transfer as FaZe's tweet may have implied, and that his desire to leave the organization has nothing to do with the current lawsuit between FaZe and Tfue. 


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