Warcraft 3: Reforged unveils Nightelf art direction and models.

▲ Fans anticipating the launch of reforged noticed an update to playwarcraft3.com 


Warcraft 3: Reforged answers age-old questions posed by RTS and Blizzard fans alike:

"What if Blizzard made Warcraft 4?"

Well, it would probably look a lot like Warcraft 3: Reforged. While the game is a strict remastering of the legendary RTS that features identical mechanics and gameplay, the numerous patches leading up to Reforged has changed the game in several significant ways. New unit abilities, new items, and a whole load of nuanced changes appreciated only by the competitive crowd has breathed new life into the 17-year-old RTS.


And this week, Blizzard released the first look at the Reforged's handling of the mysterious Night Elves. At BlizzCon 2018, we had already seen how the Humans, Orcs, and Undead races look but the new image uploaded to Playwarcraft3.com shows the most refined (debatable) race in Azeroth in full HD glory.

The image appears to showcase Malfurion and some sort of Night Elf Assassin that may be the model of the basic tier 1 Archer unit.  While Malfurion is not a playable unit in Warcraft 3's multiplayer mode, he is featured heavily in the campaign.

EDITORS NOTE: It appears that the night elf units shown may be a Druid of the Talon (not Malfurion) and may also possible be the Dark Ranger hero model (Not a Night Elf Archer). This preview image was removed from playwarcraft3.com for the time being.

Warcraft 3: Reforged is scheduled to be released sometime in 2019. For more details, visit Playwarcraft3.com

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    level 1 Pete_Stilwell


    I must say:

    The elf ranger seems to be the "Dark Ranger" from the tavern. Originally it was a Sylvanas skin. Now it seems to be unique.

    The tier 1 archer model is already on the website.

    With the druid not being Malfurion (I thought that aswell) but being Druid of Talon.

    and Tree of Life/Eternity.

    Im digging the models though.

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      level 33 Nick


      Yes, I had those same thoughts about it possibly being a Dark Ranger model as they don’t want to conflate current wow story lines and make her so clearly Sylvanas — but then again why show Dark Ranger on the night elf teaser?

      I do think you provably right on it being a Druid of the Talon and not Malf though — check the staff details!

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    level 1 peter_gozenya

    Not legolasish enough.

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    level 1 Dmitriy


    Reforged is specifically not a "strict remastering of the legendary RTS that features identical mechanics and gameplay" -- the devs have confirmed that's why they chose the word 'reforged' instead of 'remastered'.

    They've already introduced new items (undead dagger), mechanics (life drain procs dark arrow, hide in daylight), and remade the map of a classic campaign level to include new encounters and more closely match World of Warcraft lore.

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      level 33 Nick


      All of those things you described are already live in the current Warcraft 3 client that still sees competitive play today. They are all the product of new patches to Warcraft 3 that started nearly 6 months ago. Sure, the patches are due to the new attention Reforged will bring, but it is all still Warcraft 3

      Reforged is, in fact, a strict remastering that features identical mechanics and gameplay. So much so that one of their primary goals was to make it so the large majority of all custom games available in Warcraft 3 currently will be able to be played in Reforged.

      I guarantee you that Reforged is an identical game to Warcraft 3 when it comes to multiplayer, mechanics, and gameplay. They may give you new single player encounters, but it is all still Warcraft 3

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      level 1 s_dub


      Not quite, Nick - the campaign maps being actually changed and tweaked to align with WoW does go beyond strict remastering. That's technically a change in gameplay - not "identical" to vanilla wc3.

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