PokeFusion took over Twitter this past weekend




On any given day, the most obscure hashtags can trend on Twitter across the United States and the world. This past weekend, #PokeFusion was the newest (or oldest, depending on your familiarity with the term) phrase to take over the internet stemming from the gaming industry.


While it's difficult to trace exactly where and how it caught fire on Twitter, fans of the Pokemon franchise began messing around with the site and posting their best mashups on social media.


The site, Pokemon Fusion, was created by Alex Onsager back in the early 2010s and the concept is quite simple. Onsager took sprites of the original 151 pokemon and found a way of fusing two of them together into a new abomination that can haunt your memories or provide you with a few giggles. How he did all of this was outlined in a blog post he made back in 2013.


For example, if you select Gloom as your original Pokemon and Wartortle as your second one, the image above is the result. The first Pokemon you select takes the face and color scheme of the new creature while the second one determines the body itself.


As the weekend progressed, users began sharing their favorite patchworks and some even turned them into a piece of art.
















Regardless of the result, whether meme-y, epic or NSFW, Pokemon fans were out and about this weekend as thousands flocked to the long-time site and shared their best and worst creations.


For those who are not familiar with the site or just want to give it a shot, Pokemon Fusion can be found here.




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