Dota Underlords

Newbies rejoice - Underlords has a Tutorial now



For owners of the Dota 2 Battle Pass - and since recently for their friends too - Dota Underlords has gotten a little less daunting. Valve's standalone version of the explosively popular Dota 2 mod Auto Chess went live last week with a PvP mode and a bot-mode, but was lacking an introductory experience. As of now newbies can take it easy, and learn the game step by step.

The tutorial walks players through the first few rounds. Placement, buying, levelling up and items are explained automatically as they pop up naturally during gameplay. Other information that seems key to teach players is more hidden, however. Synergies are explained when players trigger one, and the reroll, win/loss-streak bonus and interest bonus aren't explained at all, although those are pivotal to master if you want to improve in the game.

Underlords' UI is also adjustable from this patch on. You can now adjust how far you're zoomed in on the board, and at which angle you're looking from ranging from a straight top-down view to an almost flat, character-POV view.

Full patch notes:

  • Enabled Tutorial.
  • More improvements to PC UI and styling.
  • Tweaked default camera positions and angles. Also added sliders to the Game Settings UI to tweak these two further.
  • Tweaked the time bodies stay on the board before sinking.
  • More work on DPS meter design.
  • Victorious units now celebrate for longer before returning to their starting positions.
  • More music has been added to the game.
  • Play at your own pace will pause the clock when selecting items after a Loot Round.
  • Fixed Font of Creation Eidolon's doing damage to the player on a loss.
  • Unit AI now knows about formations: If other units provide benefits for standing in range, the AI will attempt to move to those cells and attack from there.
  • Knights will now try to stay in formation with other Knights.
  • Units will now try to stay in formation with Trolls if the player has Coordinated Assault.
  • Units will now try to stay in formation with Warlocks if the player has Soul Sucking Syphon.
  • Added a friend code system to the Friend panel.
  • Added colourblind mode for Healthbars.
  • Adjusted shop reroll mechanic to mitigate duplicates.
  • When finding an enemy, ranged units give higher priority to units closer to them.


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