Now there is Battle Royale on Super Mario Bros

The battle royale genre has moved on to Super Mario.

InfernoPlus revealed a Super Mario version of battle royale: Mario Royale. Through their Youtube channel, they introduced and showed how to play the game. ‘Mario Royale’ is playable without installation and can be played on a web browser.

To start the game, you can enter a nickname and wait for other players. When 75 players gather, a stage of Super Mario Bros. 1 is started with the other players. The players other than yourself are half-transparent and runs around with you. Although you may not be able to affect them directly, you can attack each other with Koopa shells or by destroying blocks that they’re standing on.

Each round of Mario Royale has a randomly chosen Mario world from the original Super Mario Bros. The first person to reach Bowser's castle and grab the ax wins. Currently, stages 1-3 are in the map rotation.

On the game, Nintendo hasn’t stated their stance yet; however, considering their policy on fan-made games, it is not known how long this ‘Mario Royale’ will be playable.

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