Finally, 2017 LCK Spring season has begun! The opening match was held at the Gangnam Nexon Arena on January 17th 5 p.m.(KST).

The long-awaited first game was a match between KT Rolster and the ROX Tigers. KT became one of the all-star teams after picking up Pawn, Deft, and Mata. In the second game, Samsung Galaxy and Longzhu Gaming fought to earn their first victory of the year.

This was the first match after LCK teams rebuilt their rosters. Many fans came to the Nexon Arena to witness the first victory of LCK Spring season. In 2017, LCK also introduced a new 10-ban system and we were able to see some interesting picks like Singed, Camille, and Jax.

We waited for so long, and out patience has been rewarded. Here are some photographs from the event that we'd like to share.


▲ Opening match was held at Nexon Arena!


▲ Everyone looked busy on rehearsal



▲ Now we can see Cpt Jack in every other week


▲ Players are entering into booth


▲ It's been a while! Deft has returned to LCK


▲ Pawn is setting up his equipment




▲ Yawnnn...


▲ On the other booth, Mickey is preparing for the game



▲ Somehow Sangyoon reminds me of Lotad from Pokemon



▲ Many fans have waited for this moment




▲ Game was very intnse



▲ Deft's superplay pleased KT fans


▲ KT took the first set


▲ Dang, this game is so much fun



▲ Long time no see, Smeb's Fiora


▲ KeY, the Bard master



▲ KT won the first match with Pawn taking MVP


▲ (Happy face)


▲ Deft has been praised for his superplay tonight


▲ Woah...




▲ Next, we have Samsung Galaxy vs Longzhu Gaming



▲ Maybe I should just play with my right hand


▲ We get to see PrillA duo again in Longzhu Gaming



▲ Heh...



▲ Maybe because of the new 10-ban sytem


▲ Expession surprisingly picked Singed



▲ Crash picked Rengar!


▲ PraY showed a good performance tonight



▲ Haru's first game after joining Samsung Galaxy


▲ So nervous..



▲ First Singed, and now Jax?


▲ Wait, did I just see Camille in LCK?



▲ Dude, I don't think we'll ever see her again



▲ MVP goes to Haru!

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