Black Desert Online: A Guide to Altar of Blood Stages 1-5

Altar of Blood had just recently been added to the BDO KR live servers, and as promoted during the Heidel Ball, this new PVE game mode carries quite a difficulty, and it requires careful planning and fluent communication with your party to effectively progress through the five initial levels.

Required Questline

In order to enter the Altar, you'll first need to complete a required questline called, 'Mt. Salvation and Yaz' (Official translations may be different upon release in NA/EU), which will be available in the Black Spirit's 'recommended quest' tab for characters who are lvl.58 and above. 

Once you speak with the Black Spirit and receive the questline, you'll need to speak with Yaz who is located near the 'Calpheon Castle' node. 

While continuing Yaz's questline, you'll be given a task to head to the Hasrah Ancient Ruins to meet up with Edan and to defeat 300 monsters there. After completing the task, Edan will hand you a  'Gem of Balance'. You'll then need to return to Yaz, hand over the gem, then go through a short errand quest afterward to complete the questline. 

Once you're done, you'll be given access to the Altar of Blood, and you'll also be rewarded with one of the two ingredients of the Tungrad Earring.

Before Entering the Altar

Before entering the altar, you want to purchase as many HP and mana potions as you can. As a level 61 Witch that constantly had 'Beast's Draught' buff active, I had consumed nearly 100 HP potions on my way to stage 4. Also, doublecheck to see if your fairy's 'Miraculous Cheer' is set up properly, as you won't be able to access the fairy UI once you're inside the altar. 

Finally, stock up on draughts, food, and other buff-related consumables that might help you in combat.

How to Enter

In a party of 3, the party leader can enter the altar through the ESC menu. Make sure everyone is well-prepared before heading in, as all three members will instantly be teleported to the altar. Once everyone is inside, the party leader will be prompted with a difficulty menu.

▲ 100 energy?!

After spending 100 energy, the party leader will then need to interact with the NPC that's located in the middle of the map to activate the relic at the center of the altar. Do note that it'll cost the party leader an additional 20 energy to do so (If the leader is short on energy, you can always promote another party member to the leader position).

▲ Interact with the blue orb to start the round!

Monster Information - Damage Check


Stage Monster Difficulty
1 The monsters that spawn in stage 1 are fairly easy to deal with. Around 200 AP should be good enough to clear the stage.
2 Stage 2 is more difficult than stage 3. Make sure to quickly get rid of the Orc Mages, as their ranged attacks can deal significant damage to both the party and the relic if they add up in number and get out of hand. 
3 The monsters get noticeably stronger in stage 3. It's recommended for the party to stay around the relic and defend, as Skeleton Wolves are very quick and they can overwhelm the altar in a heartbeat. Do note that the boss of this stage can summon mobs.
4 The monsters are as tough as Aakman mobs. One thing to look out for are mobs that carry bombs. Although they have slow movement speed, the bombers are powerful enough to 100-0 a player. If they reach the relic, the relic will lose around 40% HP. It's recommended for the party to get rid of the bombers before they walk down the stairs towards the relic. (Ranged classes are most suitable for dispatching the bombers.)
5 The monsters are as tough as Sycraia Abyssal Ruins/Hystria mobs. They're extremely powerful and should be approached with care. Your primary goal will be to remove the archers as quickly as possible (for the same reason as stage 2). After a couple of waves, a Laytenn will spawn close to the relic. You want to destroy this Laytenn as fast as possible. (If you're too slow, the mobs will easily overrun the relic and destroy it.) The boss of this stage is also very powerful. Surviving this round without a fairy could be difficult.
▲ For reference, this is the gear used during the time of writing this guide. (Lvl.61 Witch)


▲ The Orc Mages in stage 2 can quite literally destroy the relic in seconds if you let your guard down. Make sure to clear them quickly before they add up in number. Aside from the mages, the round is fairly easy to deal with.

▲ The stage 3 Wolves can very easily overwhelm the relic if left unchecked. Since they're very quick on their feet, it's recommended for the party to protect the relic from the center of the map.
▲ The boss of stage 3 is Hexe Marie. She can hit very hard and can easily OHKO a squishy player. Try to stay clear of her line of sight. (Marie can also spawn mobs during the boss fight.)
▲ The stage 4 bombers will spawn alone and will try to creep towards the relic. Take them out as quickly as possible. They're very tanky, so it's wise to get on them right after they spawn. In addition, try not to get in their way, as they can kill you in an instant.

Other Tips and Tricks

- Bring Emergency Kits to revive fallen party members.
- Witches & Wizards can also revive fallen allies.
- Remember to stock up on consumables before entering. You cannot access tent, maid, world map, minimap, and quest UI once you're inside. 


 At the end of each round, after defeating the boss, you'll receive an item called 'The Forgotten One's Legacy'. The item will grant the players gold bars, black stones, Caphras Stones, and at a very low chance, an armor box upon use. 

Armor Box Items
Armor Box of Deception 100% Chance of Receiving a TRI armor piece
Armor Box of Doubt 100% Chance of Receiving a TET armor piece
Armor Box of Desire 100% Chance of Receiving a PEN armor piece


Rarity Value of Armor Box Items
Green - Agerian
- Zereth
- Taritas
- Grunil
- Rocaba
- Talis
- Hercules'
- Heve
- Fortuna
Blue - Akum
- Lemoria
Yellow - Every Boss Armor
▲ Left: Forgotten One's Legacy, Right: A blue rarity Armor Box of Deception

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