KT Score: "Mordekaiser is a good pick in jungle and top. He remains as a viable pick as long as he doesn't get nerfed.

On the 16th of June (KST), kt Rolster defeated Gen.G Esports 2:1 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split day 10. Veteran jungler, Score started for the team and led KT to victory. Him stealing the Rift Herald on Rek'Sai was one of the highlights of this series. 

The following is the post-match interview with KT Score. 


What are your thoughts on today's victory?

I'm happy to have won in a while. I'd like to win more in the future. 


You did not make it in the starting lineup lately. What did the coaching staff tell you?

They didn't really want me to do anything specific. The coaching staff just told me the general plan. My role was to send that plan to my teammates and implement it inside the game. 


Today, veteran players such as Smeb, Score, and PraY made it in the lineup. Do you think this motivated the payers in the team? 

If it's not a 2:0 victory, I think it's quite tough to say that they were. Well, we did display an 'okay' performance so it could have somewhat motivated the players. 


You stole the Rift Herald in game 1 using Rek'Sai's 'burrow-Q'. 

During game 1, I was aware that the opponent was hunting down the Rift Herald. In order to start a fight, I was making calls with my team and used a skill to check vision. I didn't know that I stole it before watching the log. 


In games 1 and 3, the opponent used compositions that focus on Ruler. 

Gen.G goes for the 'Ruler carry' strategy often, so we practiced on suppressing his carry abilities. I think that worked out well. 


Are there any champions that catch your interest? 

I've been playing Rammus a lot from the past. It was frustrating that I couldn't use him due to Riot's nerfs. Well, I'd like to see Garen chosen one day. (laughs) I've been playing Moredekaiser a little. I think he's a good pick in the jungle and top lane. He remains as a viable pick as long as he doesn't get nerfed. 


You used your first Karthus jungle on stage. 

Karthus jungle is a pick that I've been practicing a lot in solo queues. In the recent LCK, only Cuzz seemed to have been using him. Now that I've performed on him, I do think he is a solid pick and I'll try to use him more often if I get the chance to. 


Win rate on Olaf has decreased significantly. What are your thoughts on him? 

Olaf used in the jungle because he is very strong in skirmishes. However, I think that it's more important to have a well-fit composition before picking him. I think he's not a top-tier jungler. 


Do you have any last words? 

Although it's still the beginning of the split, I think we're not getting good enough results. I'll try my best during practice. I believe we'll exceed if we can get support from the fans. I'll be asking for more support. Thank you!

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