Clash Royale upcoming patch includes new Legendary card, gameplay changes

▲ What "new mechanic" could this anchor lead to?


Friday morning, Clash Royale players in North America awoke to a new cryptic message in their game clients about an upcoming card that is in the works and is set to be released in the next patch.


"Like Ram Rider, this new Legendary character will be bringing a unique mechanic to Clash Royale. Keep an eye out for more update information being released over the next couple of weeks. Prepare for Clash Royale Season 1..."


Naturally, players' eyebrows were raised as those three sentences spoke volumes to the future of SuperCell's mobile baby. A new Legendary card? A new mechanic that involves an anchor? Clash Royale Season 1?


Although very little is known thus far, that didn't stop the internet from coming up with theories about what may be coming around the corner in the near future.


Shiver me timbers


When the Ram Rider was released into the game on Christmas of last year, she introduced a new "Snare" mechanic that rooted the first troop it reached in place for a few seconds. Incredibly powerful in nature, it was nerfed overtime to dramatically reduce the movement speed of the target opposed to locking them in place altogether.


If the Clash Royale team is saying this upcoming Legendary card has a new mechanic similar to that of Ram Rider's Snare and involves an anchor, a few ideas come to mind.


▲ Ram Rider's Snare mechanic was innovative at the time and still is.


Is this a naval troop that, for the first time in the game's history, can be played IN the river across the middle of the map? Can this card pull a troop closer to them to attack? Does it root itself to the ground with the anchor, is immobile and have a long-ranged attack? Only SuperCells knows for sure. But the opportunity for funkiness on the battlefield is certainly there and players will learn more in the upcoming weeks. 


A Clash Royale Battle Pass?


Hidden behind the flashy image of a new Legendary card upcoming, the Clash Royale team referring to "Season 1" coming in the near future. For a title that went live back in January of 2016, adding a season structure three years into it seems a bit odd unless they are looking to introduce a system similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass, which a few have theorized.


Fortnite, also a free game, allows players every few months to purchase a Season Pass that hides exclusive rewards, cosmetics, and achievements behind a paywall that can be purchased for a small price. Perhaps SuperCell, no stranger to finding creative ways of monetizing their users, are looking for a way to keep Clash Royale fresh for veterans and attract new players with a Season feature.


▲ Is SuperCell looking to take a page out of Epic Games' book of tricks?


Back in April of this year, SuperCell completely revamped the game's progression system and helped out free-to-play players by making chests and cards easier to obtain. If Season 1 is anything similar to how other's game operate, for a small price, Clash Royale players will soon be able to level their cards up faster than ever while having more things to do in-game.

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