AF Kiin: "For now, I think the Ryze rework was a nerf, as his strengths as a champion is unclear."

On the 15th, Day 9 of the 2019 LCK Summer Split took place. On the first series of the day, Afreeca Freecs defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 2-1. AF secured their 3rd consecutive victory by putting an end to Kingzone's winning streak. 

The following is an interview with AF's top laner, Kiin.

How do you feel about your victory today?

I'm glad that we defeated such a strong team. I'm very happy that the games went in our way. 

One of Kingzone's strengths is its flexible drafting. How did you prepare for them?

The players on Kingzone have a very deep champion pool. That's why instead of looking to find a way to counter their strategies, we simply strengthened our own. 

Was there a certain champion that gave you a hard time?

The Karthus in game 1. That's why we banned him for the remainder of the series. 

In game 1, it felt like AF was targeting Deft during picks & bans.

Deft is a very strong individual player, so we felt that he is more effective on aggressive champions over something like Sona. Although we weren't expecting a Morgana pick, I thought that we were fully capable of dealing with her. We were wrong, and we lost regretfully. 

In game 2, you were quick on your feet on Ryze and heavily contributed to your team's victory.

Although we secured vision over the Baron, we weren't sure of where the enemy team was. I was expecting them to 'expect' us coming, but I didn't think they'd exhaust everything that they have in trying to kill me. I was very lucky.

Ryze has been reworked again.

The new Ryze is very different from the previous one. I'll have to play more of him to get a grasp of what he is fully capable of. But for now, I think the rework was a nerf, as his strengths as a champion is unclear. 

What's your opinion on the new Mordekaiser?

A champion who specializes in 1 vs. 1? I'll have to play more of him to find out. I'm getting the feeling that he is strong. I feel he's strong as a top/jungle champion.

Do you regret not receiving the MVP title for game 2?

I don't really mind, as long as our team wins. Receiving MVP is like a bonus; it feels good when you get it, but you don't really mind if you don't. 

What's your goal for this summer split?

Although we defeated a lot of strong teams, it's still very early into the split, so I believe that we can falter anytime. I feel the most important thing right now is to maintain our good performance. 

Your next opponent is SANDBOX Gaming.

SB's top-jungle is playing really well right now, so the top-jungle fight will be very important. I'm confident that we can win.

Any last words?

With today's victory, we're now on a 3 game winning streak. We'll do our best to show good performance and continue this winning streak. Thank you.

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