AF Dread: "I'm an aggressive jungler whose style is closer to that of the LPL's than that of the the LCK's."

On the 15th, Day 9 of the 2019 LCK Summer Split took place. On the first series of the day, Afreeca Freecs defeated Kingzone DragonX with a score of 2-1. AF secured their 3rd consecutive victory by putting an end to Kingzone's winning streak. 

The following is an interview with AF's jungler, Dread. 

How do you feel about today's victory?

I'm very happy that we defeated a team that was winning all of their matches. I really wanted to beat them.

You aren't a familiar face overseas. Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

I'm an aggressive jungler whose style is closer to that of the LPL's than that of the LCK's. 

Who is your favorite jungle champion, and favorite jungler?

I really enjoyed playing Camille. I was sad when Riot nerfed her. As for my favorite jungler, I watched a lot of Peanut's games back in 2016.

Compared to Spring, Afreeca Freecs is showing a lot better performance. How's the team atmosphere?

Everyone is maintaining a positive mindset, even while practicing. My teammates feel like friends.

I heard that Ucal says a lot of funny remarks within the team to get everyone in their good spirit. Has that been helping you?

Ucal and I are really young, so our personal emotion can affect our performance. I say what Ucal has been doing are working. 

Last split, Spirit was the starter for AF and you rarely got a chance to play. What's changed this split?

I think AF's mindset and team atmosphere. We started believing that we can best the other teams, no matter what. 

It was a close 2-1 victory, but I heard you were fulling enjoying the game. What brings enjoyment to you during a match?

If there are a lot of fights happening - that's a fun game. Constantly fighting is what brings me enjoyment.

With a score of 3-1, AF has placed themselves higher on the leaderboard. How far do you think this momentum will take you?

Our goal is to qualify for the Summer Playoffs. We'll definitely be looking to reach the Finals if we do qualify. 

What part of you do you want to improve?

Because I'm really aggressive, I die very often, too. I have to work on decreasing my number of deaths per game. 

Any last words?

It feels great putting an end to KZ's win streak. We'll do our best to 2-0 SANDBOX Gaming in our next match.

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