Black Desert Online Global Lab Patch Notes June 14th - Aakman and Hystria No Longer Applies Knockdown, and New UI


● The following Marni Stones have been added:
- Fadus Habitat I
- Fadus Habitat II
- Polly Forest I
- Polly Forest II
● A level requirement has been implemented for Altar of Blood: level 50.

Quest & Knowledge

● Shai will now be able to proceed with the Black Star Weapon Quest.
● You can now exchange weakened Asula accessories in Grana.


● Aakman grind spots were improved.
- Akman monsters will respawn 40% to 60% faster.
- More mobs were added whereas a few were relocated in some of the areas.
● The following grind spots' monsters will no longer apply Knockdown or Knockback and will instead apply Stun, Stiffness, and Bound.
- Helms Dungeon
- Serendia Shrine
- Hasrah Ruins
- Aakman Temple
- Protty Cavern
- Sycraia Underwater Ruins
- Pila Ku
- Hystria 

Background, NPC, Effect, Cutscene

● The guards patrolling Calpheon dungeons have been removed.


● A part of the Console-PC UI that was talked about at the Heidel Ball has been applied. The rest of the UI will be added in future patches.

● An issue where adventurers received error notifications even when they were not browsing the market has been fixed.

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Comments :4

  • 0

    level 1 Paul_Roggan


    Thanks for the translates! Are you sure that the aakman change actually says they will spawn faster? that would be instantly best grindspot ever.

    • 0

      level 35 Ready


      Its definitely faster respawn :)

  • 0

    level 6 That_Guy


    Yeah, would it be possible to get a confirmation on the part about them spawning 40-60% faster? Or does it say the spawn time was increased by 40-60% which would actually make them spawn slower...?

    • 0

      level 35 Ready


      Its faster respawn :)

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