DWG Showmaker: "We’re near the bottom of the standings now, but we’ll climb up by winning all the matches from now on."

On the 14th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 8 Game 1, DAMWON Gaming defeated kt Rolster 2-1. In the match, Heo “Showmaker” Su delivered remarkable performance. Although he wasn’t voted as the MVP, he displayed spectacular plays, recording a delayed pentakill (triple kill + double kill) in Game 2 with Akali. After the match, he had an interview with the press.


How do you feel on your first win of the season?

We lost badly in our first two matches. When we lost Game 1 today, I thought we might be in big trouble. I feel good that we were able to overcome the deficit and win.

Individual performance was good, but it seemed that the teamwork and synergy had problems. Do you think that was the reason for the losses last week?

I think we weren’t able to move as a team well. We were worse than other teams regarding team calls and macro.

Even though you had a pentakill in the opening match and you had a delayed pentakill today, you weren’t able to get the MVP.

Frankly, I thought it was so close. I really did want to get MVP. (Laughs) I’ll do my best next time so that I could get voted.

Can you explain a bit about the situation when you picked up the kills today?

The opponent’s main champions were positioned too much out, so I asked Canyon to look after me when I go around. It seemed like we would win no matter what if we start a fight. They were picked off by me as they came for backup, and I got the delayed penta.

Actually, there are a lot of regrets today. We lost Game 1, and it’s regretful that I wasn’t voted as the MVP today. (Laughs) In Game 3, we almost let the game through our fingers due to mistakes even though we were ahead a lot.

Bdd picked mid Galio, which isn’t very common in the recent meta.

From when Akali was broken, people said that the counter to Akali is Galio. I think if Akali player is good enough, she can beat Galio. I didn’t think that it would be difficult to play against.

You got your first win, but you still have a long way to go.

We were too helpless in the first two matches. Today, we were determined to not lose, to win at any cost. I’ll be playing the next games with the same mindset.

Your next match is against Jin Air Green Wings.

In my opinion, Jin Air seems stronger than spring for sure. They’re an opponent that we should beware of.

Any last comments?

We’re near the bottom of the standings now, but we’ll climb up by winning all the matches from now on.

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