SB Ghost: "Yuumi’s a champion that has all the most annoying factors in LoL rolled into one. She’s not good for mental health."

On the 12th (KST), SANDBOX Gaming defeated Griffin in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 6 match. SANDBOX countered Griffin’s Sona well and was able to take the victory. Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun carried a major role on the team, playing Varus, Sivir, and Draven. He sat for an interview after the match.


You took down Griffin, and it seemed that all the players were enjoying the victory more than usual.

We had many regrets when we lost against Kingzone. Griffin was the only team that we haven’t beaten yet, so we really wanted to win, and we did. I think that’s why everyone was so happy.

Today, you beat Sona twice. Were you confident to counter her?

I really played Sona in so many games, so I knew well about Sona. Playing her, playing against her… I think that’s why we were able to deal with her well.

Can you share some tips on how to play against her?

Sona isn’t always a good champion. She’s good in teamfights and in the late game, but there are many games where she isn’t able to do anything and collapses. We tried to do that.

You lost to Kingzone in a very close match. They say Kingzone has the best performance up to now. How was it playing against them?

It felt that their teamwork was outstanding. But more than that, I think we lost because we didn’t perform well enough. I think we’ll be able to beat them in the next game against them.

Yuumi was picked in Game 2, and you lost to her. How’s Yuumi?

It was the first time we let Yuumi through; I was losing my mind playing against her. I think Yuumi’s a champion that has all the most annoying factors in LoL rolled into one. She’s not good for mental health. The Yuumi player is the only player that has fun. It’s even not as good when she’s in my team... Well, if the pilot is extremely good, it’s alright.

So as an ADC, if you play with Yuumi support, is it fun?

If you can pound the opponent like we were pounded in Game 2, it’s really fun.

SANDBOX had some changes within the organization. The whole team extended contracts, changed uniforms, etc.

The organization supports us so much. The environment changed, and we have more support. We’ll be playing together through next year; it’s a good motivation to us all. Even when the monitor in the arena changed, they promptly changed our monitors as well.

Your next match is against SKT.

If we’re able to do what we did, I think we’ll be able to beat them following our win against Griffin.

The LCK is in chaos. Why do you think it’s like this now?

The teams that ended up in lower ranks in spring now have better teamwork. It seems that they’re delivering the performance that they were meant to deliver, and that’s why the higher ranked teams are having trouble.

Any last comments?


Our schedule had the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams of the spring all early in the season. I thought we would have a very hard time, but we were able to take down Griffin and get our second win. I’d like to beat SKT as well so that we can have a good start.

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