AF Kiin: "Dread’s recent form is amazing, so it’s big help."

On the 12th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split Day 6 match between Hanwha Life Esports and Afreeca Freecs, Afreeca secured another win. Starting with early benefits, Afreeca rolled the snowball to the end and didn’t allow a turnaround. Lee “Dread” Jin-hyeok and Kim “Kiin” Gi-in were voted as MVPs and were interviewed after the match.


How did you prepare for today’s match?

Dread: We just did as always and we played the match like our scrims.

It’s the first MVP of the season for Kiin. How’s your condition?

Kiin: It feels like I’m in better form, but I still think I have to work hard.

Did you predict that HLE would pick Skarner in Game 1?

: Not at all.

How did you plan your jungle pathing?

Dread: It felt that the opponent prioritized bot, so I did so too.

Your mechanics shined when you kicked away Skarner when he ulted on Lux. How did you do that?

Dread: He came in, so I just kicked him away. (Laughs)

It was Trundle in Game 2. Did you predict that? And you picked Hail of Blades on Sejuani.

: That I predicted. As for Hail of Blades, if I select Aftershock, it’s like being countered by Trundle’s ult, but if I pick Hail of Blades, I can benefit by getting four stacks quickly.

(To Kiin) You picked Aatrox and pressured Fiora so much so that it seemed like she was going to suffocate.

Kiin: The opponent jungle appeared often on the map so I was able to pressure hard.

You should give credit to Dread for that.

Kiin: Dread’s recent form is amazing, so it’s big help.

How do you like the current meta?

: There always are regrets whenever we win in the matches, but it does seem like the most comfortable meta for us.

Ucal’s comms are always interesting, but Kiin is rather quiet. Why’s that?

Kiin: It felt like Ucal is trying to make himself a conceptual character out of that, so I’m trying to stay quiet because if I fill the comms too much, it would be too much. (Laughs)

Your next match is against Kingzone. How will you prepare?

Dread: I think we’ll be able to win if we do as we always do.

: Although Kingzone is really good, I think it’ll go well if we play like our recent matches.

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