This is the June 10th press release of Riot Games.


Creators of the popular PC game reveal the new turn-based strategy mode

LOS ANGELES -- June 10, 2019 -- Riot Games, the developer and publisher of League of Legends, today announced “Teamfight Tactics” (TFT), a new game mode that represents Riot’s take on a turn-based autobattler game. TFT will be available to players around the world starting on June 25, 2019.

TFT is a League of Legends game mode played with eight players who face off in 1-on-1 matches until the last player remains. Players win by strategically selecting the best combination of Champions from a randomized pool, upgrading their forces with items, and structuring winning battle formations. Riot’s take on the emerging autobattler genre aims to give all types of players, from the die-hard competitor to the casual and social player, a fun and deep play experience.

“We believe in making big commitments to our players and fans, from updating the game every two weeks to creating seasonal events and game modes,” said Richard Henkel, Product Manager of TFT, “Players have expressed a tremendous amount of interest in the autobattler genre, and we hope League of Legends fans are excited to see the game’s signature art, style, and deep gameplay come to life in this new mode.”

TFT will be accessible to all players who enjoy the various game modes in League of Legends, where both veteran and new players can immediately dive in using their League of Legends account. Players will get to experience their favorite League of Legends' Champions, items, and abilities in a new way outside of its traditional Multiplayer Online Battle Arena format.

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