KT Deft: "I will not miss this opportunity to prove myself in the LCK"

In the opening match of 2017 LCK Spring Split, KT Rolster triumphed against ROX Tigers with 2-0 record. For Hyukgyu "Deft" Kim, it was his first match after returned to the LCK, and he showed an impressive performance with Ezreal in Set 1 and Varus in Set 2. Specifically, his stellar mechanics during the decisive teamfight in Set 1 allowed him to stay in fight even as his teammates fell, turning a losing fight into a winning one that snowballed into victory.


Here are his thoughts after the match.

Welcome back to the LCK! How does it feel to have won the first match of this season?

It was my first time playing in the LCK with my new teammates after leaving the LCK for two years. I wanted to play perfectly, but I’ve made too many mistakes for my liking. I’ll make sure to play even better next time.

You’ve dominated Set 1 as Ezreal even after losing first blood in the botlane. Did you think that you could lose when that happened?

I didn’t think that our composition would be able to take the initiative after reaching Level 6. However, ROX Tiger invested all of their ultimates and summoner spells to take down Miss Fortune. Honestly, we only thought that we got something out of it when we took the initiative back afterwards.

How did you prepare today’s match?

Most of the preparations were focused on teamfights, but I think I still did pretty well on the personal level as well.

What are the differences between playing in the LCK compared to the LPL?

My playstyle has changed dramatically after returning to the LCK. I often felt confident enough to start a skirmish even when we were outnumbered in the LPL. Back then, I always went for a kill whenever I saw a chance, but I’m trying to refrain from doing that now. After returning to the LCK, I try not to open up a teamfight when we are outnumbered. It’s not very different when it comes to non-gaming things.

AD Carries are often said to be too weak in current meta. How do you feel about the current power level of AD Carry?

AD Carries can thrive when a game goes into the teamfight phase. However, it's often not the case in the Solo Queue as AD Carries are often not strong enough to have an influence in the early game. I think it’s because the current meta is all about powerful junglers, teleporting toplaners and roaming midlaners.

This is the first season of the LCK with the 10-ban system. What are your thoughts on the new system?

The draft phase became more relevant than ever. Games sometimes felt rigid and monotonous before the change, but with the new 10-ban system, we’ve had many games that took an unexpected turn during scrims.

How are you adjusting to KT Rolster?

Fortunately for me, there are many players who used to live under the same roof with me. Score and Smeb can sometimes be rowdy, but I think that’s why I feel right at home at KT Rolster.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything that you want to add?

It feels good to be back in the LCK with my new teammates after leaving for two years. I will not miss this opportunity to prove myself in the LCK to the fans.

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