AF Ucal: "We've always been a team that likes change, but after watching MSI, we became more confident in having changes in style."

On the 9th (KST), Afreeca Freecs brought down defending champions, SK Telecom T1, in a close 2-1 match. Mid laner Son "Ucal" Woo-hyeon showed a performance that can put an end to the worries expressed towards him. Ucal played Sylas, Taliyah, and Yasuo to lead the team's victory. After the match, he sat with Inven Global for an interview.


How do you feel beating SKT today?


I thought SKT would be harder than Griffin to play against. As I thought, it was really difficult regarding macro. I was solo killed towards the end, but thankfully, my teammates carried me, so I feel really good.

Interim head coach NoFe was crying. He must have been really desperate for a win.


We were desperate for a win, but I think he was moved by our performance. In my opinion, he cried because we were so good and that he was so happy.

Many people are saying that after the MSI, other teams styles changed rather than SKT. Afreeca’s performance is very high now. Is it a result of learning and practicing new things from the MSI?


We've always been a team that likes change, but after watching MSI, we became more confident in having changes in style. We’re aiming for a more demolishing and aggressive style, and we attempt more risky plays.

How do you think the mid lane meta is?


Champions that are good at fighting are the best, and then champions that are good in teamfights come next.

It seems that your performance is a lot better compared to last season. What changed?


Since I was so bad in spring, I whipped myself. For example, I asked myself, ‘are you a mid laner that can do nothing without your teammates?’, and I was able to answer, ‘no, I’ll prove myself.’

The comms of Afreeca Freecs are becoming a hot issue. Are you being conscious of it airing or have you been like that all along?


I am a bit conscious of it, but I’m trying to build a better atmosphere for my teammates this summer. Our team seems like a team that performs better when the atmosphere is good, so I try to lead the mood.

Are there any mid laners that you’re looking out for this season?


Since I was bad in the spring, I’m playing with the thought that every single mid laner is my rival.

Is there anything that you personally want to improve to do away with the nightmare from spring?


I hope that I can maintain my confidence this summer which I had lost in spring. As of now, I’m extremely full of confidence.

Is your goal to become ‘world class’ this year?


First is not losing confidence, and for results, I want to get to Worlds. I’ve always wanted to play in a foreign country.

Any last comments?


I’m sorry and thankful to the fans who cheered for me in the spring. I’ll be repaying you for the support that you’ve sent me for such a long time, so please have high expectations for my performance in the summer.

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