AF Dread: "Ucal and I have good synergy. We get along well in scrims and practice."

The second 2019 LCK Summer Split match of June 9th (KST) was between SK Telecom T1 and Afreeca Freecs. The two teams fought fiercely until the end, going into Game 3. It was Afreeca that was able to smile in the end. Lee “Dread” Jin-hyeok was voted as the MVP of Games 1 and 3, and was interviewed after the match.


You took down Spring champions SK Telecom T1. How do you feel?

After we lost the first match against Griffin, we were really desperate for a win. Fortunately, we won today. I think we were able to win because we grit our teeth and were very determined.

You’ve become more aggressive than before. What has changed?

I think it’s because I played a lot of solo queue… Because I played a lot of games. (Laughs)

Xin Zhao was picked today.

I played Xin Zhao a lot long ago, but I didn’t play much in recent scrims or solo queue. It felt like the proper pick today, so I picked him.

What did you aim for in Game 3?

Since the opponent played Jayce-Elise, I said that we should go with a stronger comp, Yasuo-Gragas. Ucal also agreed, so we did.

They say that the mid-jungle synergy between you and Ucal is getting better and better. How is it with Ucal?

I think Ucal and I have good synergy. We get along well in scrims and practice.

There was a moment where you helped out Aiming for his survival. What did he say?

Aiming was calling out so desperately to help him, so I helped him. (Laughs)

You got your first win. Any last comments?

We beat SKT 2-1, but we’ll do our best to win 2-0 next time.

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