KZ Cuzz: "Deft is a guy who wants to get MVP more than anybody."

On the 9th (KST), in the 2019 LCK Summer Split, Kingzone DragonX swept SANDBOX Gaming 2-0 and rose to the top of the standings. By picking Sona in the bot lane in Game 2, they showed dominance in teamfights. After the match, Moon “Cuzz” Woo-chan played Sejuani in both games and was voted as the MVP.


It’s the second win of the season. How do you feel?

The first week of summer went well, and since I’m the only MVP today, I feel good.

Do you feel that you’ve improved compared to the spring?

I always think of keeping what I have while improving. I’m doing my best to do so.

In Game 1, Kingzone picked support Taric without Sona. How is he?

Since our bottom duo is so good, I just trust them and don’t say anything. After seeing them perform well with Taric, I think he’s a really good pick.

You played Sejuani in both games today. Is she a top tier champion?

I think she’s a good champion. She’s a stable champion with a great initiating skill.

In Game 2, you were trailing, but you started to come back after cutting off Irelia in top lane. Who made the calls for that?

Since it’s good for me to start the fight, I kept an eye on her, as well as my team. Olaf appeared near bot side, so I was able to initiate right away. Galio came quickly as well.

Deft recently said the game doesn’t come to a ‘Deft ending’ anymore.

It does seem that Deft is playing comfortably. But Deft’s a guy who wants to get MVP more than anybody, so it might be regretful for him. (Laughs)

People are saying Cuzz is Kingzone’s treasure. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

The game went well, and we were able to gain more trust in each other. We’ll be preparing more to get good results in next week’s matches too.

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