KZ Rascal: "All our players can beat their opponents in their positions, whoever the opponent."

On June 7th (KST), Kingzone DragonX and Gen.G Esports faced each other in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. Yuumi set her first steps on the Rift of the LCK in Game 2 of the match as Kingzone DragonX let her through the Picks & Bans in Game 2. However, she wasn’t standing when the Nexus fell. Kingzone DragonX won two straight games to take their first win of the season. In the match, Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee delivered spectacular performances in both games with Sylas and Irelia, and was voted as the MVP.


Congrats on today’s win. Are you satisfied with your performance today?


Deft recently said that Rascal can beat any top laner that comes in your way.

When we practice, we all think that we’re all the best. It’s not just me; I have trust in Cuzz, Naehyun, and the bot duo. I think all our players can beat their opponents in their positions, whoever the opponent.

Naehyun is playing in place of PawN. How did you build up the teamwork with him?

We’ve played with him since the spring split. It’s not that he’s completely new to the team, so we just did as we always practiced.

TusiN’s positioning with Lux was amazing. Did he practice Lux a lot?

He’s the god of Lux. (Does Deft like TusiN playing Lux?) I don’t know about that; he’s good at all champions. I just said that he’s the god of Lux for fun.

You let through Yuumi in Game 2.

Our bottom duo was good at playing against Yuumi, so we decided that it was alright to let them play her. (And the team decided that it was better to play a non-ADC against Yuumi?) Yes.

This summer, you’ve become the first player to win playing Irelia in top lane. How did you end up playing Irelia today?

In proper comps and situations, I can play Irelia. Today, everything was alright.

Why do you think top Irelia struggled this summer?

If Irelia plays aggressively, she’s really strong, but if there’s pressure on her, it’s harder to play. I guess the opponents pressure Irelia more in official matches so that should be why.

Any comments to the fans?

Many people are worried because PawN won’t be playing this season, but Naehyun is doing his best, and we’ve been playing together since spring. I trust that he’ll deliver a good performance, so I wish everybody cheers for us.

Lastly, the official Kingzone DragonX question. Who was the sexiest in today’s match?

(Laughs) I think Game 1 was TusiN and Game 2 was Cuzz.

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