SKT Faker: "It seems GEN and AF who didn’t have good results last season improved a lot, while SKT and GRF's form isn't at the best yet."

On the 7th of June (KST), Spring Split champions SK Telecom T1 faced the last place team, Jin Air Green Wings in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. Most people predicted the match to be one-sided in SKT’s favor, but the match was very close. SKT barely managed to end up on top with a 2-1 victory. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok was interviewed by the media.


How do you feel winning the first match of the season?

We lost a lot early in the spring season, but it’s a relief that we won the first match of the summer. However, we didn’t have the 2-0 we expected, so we would need to show better performance in our next match.

It seemed that Jin Air’s performance was really good.

They’ve improved a lot compared to the spring. On the other hand, we weren’t as good. We made too many mistakes.

How would you evaluate today’s match?

I would say we’re not at 100% yet. The game wasn’t very fast-paced either.

You turned around Game 1. Did you think that you would be able to?

The comps were better for us as the game went on. When we had teamfights late in the game, it felt that we could win.

However, you let through Game 2. What do you think the reason was?

It was the opposite. The opponent had a stronger comp in the late game, so it was difficult for us.

Khan’s Kennen struggled a lot in the early game in Game 3. What was the reason that he managed to come back?

We seized the opponents’ mistakes well. Also, since we had the initiative in mid-jungle, we were able to cover for other lanes well.

Which team’s performance or form do you think is at the best?

It seems Gen.G and Afreeca who didn’t have good results last season improved a lot, while SKT and Griffin’s form isn't at the best yet. We are well aware of our mistakes. We’ll be fixing them through feedback.

Any last comments?

Since winning Worlds is my goal, I’ll be looking for the long run. I’ll be concentrating on winning the game all the time, but I’ll have the mindset that I’ll improve when I play.

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