GRF Viper: "Yuumi is a very annoying champion... She doesn't need to move, yet she can attack all day long."

On June 6th (KST), Griffin defeated Afreeca Freecs 2-1 in the 2019 LCK Summer Split. As much as the score was 2-1, the games were close and fierce to the end. In the match, Park “Viper” Do-hyeon’s performance was impressive throughout the match. He played Kai’Sa, Sivir, and Ezreal to help the team win the match. After the match, we caught up with Viper for an interview.


It was the first match of the season, and you won. How do you feel?

I’m glad that we won. I think Afreeca is a strong team, so I feel even better.

You had lost to Afreeca at the end of last season. Did you have revenge in mind?

I did think that, but since it’s the start of the season, I thought we need to win to build up good momentum, so we should win no matter what.

How have you been after the finals?

We had a break, went to a workshop and prepared for summer. I tried to play more solo queue when I had time.

What did you and the team focus on the most while preparing for this season?

In the MSI, teams and players from other regions showed impressive performances. We tried to absorb and learn from what they showed and apply it to our own style.

Which team was the most impressive?

G2. They won the championship. (So what was the most impressive about them?) Their innovative picks were impressive for sure, but it was visible that they have good faith in each other when they play. Playing top Pyke isn’t conventional, but they trusted him, and he pulled that pick out confidently. Not just the picks, they showed and proved themselves through their performance and by winning the championship.

Didn’t you think ‘what if Griffin went to MSI’?

(Laughs) It’s not that I haven’t thought that, but thinking of that would be too stupid. I think I still have miles to go to get to the MSI with my Taliyah. I just think I need to improve more.

On the media day, cvMax said that Griffin will be attempting many different things. Are you preparing creative picks like G2?

I can’t tell you in detail, but we’re attempting many different methods, gaining inspirations from many different sources to practice.


Griffin played mid lane Camille in both games you won today. How is she?

I think she’s good. Especially if you’re good at it. (With Sejuani?) Sejuani has good synergy with melee champions. It’s convenient for them to go in together.

In Game 1, after the last teamfight, you and Sejuani penetrated through. Although there were only the two of you left on the Rift, were you sure that you could end?

I wasn’t 100% sure that we could end, but we did think that we had a chance. We often had such an experience so we pushed on. It was possible because the first opponent that gets respawned was their support, and there was a tank with me.

Who made the call to end first?

Before we made any calls, we were running already. On our way there, I spoke quickly and asked to tank the turret.

On the other hand, you played ‘defend the Nexus’ in Game 2. What went through your mind while you were doing so?

I’ve seen other teams defend the Nexus a lot, but I never thought that I would be the one defending. (Laughs) I did think that we had a slight possibility to win if we were to endure all the attacks, and I was happy that I picked Gathering Storm. When I saw the damage added through Gathering Storm at 40 minutes, I thought I might be able to carry, but it was still too hard. (Laughs) The meta suggests the game to end if a team gets three inhibitors destroyed now. It was so hard. They even took two big objectives, twice.

Many people say Viper is outstanding on non-ADCs or skill-based ADCs, but the performance on crit-based ADCs aren’t as good. What are your own thoughts?

Whether I think I’m good at crit-based ADCs or not, the reason people say that is because I wasn’t able to deliver good performance with those champions. I just think I need to work harder. I think I should show off the strengths of crit-based ADC champions more often this season.

Yuumi is always getting banned. As a bot laner, what are your thoughts on Yuumi?

She got buffed, a bit too much, so she’s really good. Yuumi is a very annoying champion. (What makes her so annoying?) The fact that I can’t hit her. Since I can’t hit her directly, that’s so annoying. She doesn't need to move, yet she can attack all day long. Furthermore, she gives heals and barriers. It seems she’s the only one having fun. I get the thought ‘I’m struggling with my support, but that support has all the comfort in the world without facing any danger’. That does make her an attractive champion, but still is a champion that’s really unpleasant to play against.

Lastly, could you share your goals for the season and a word to the fans?

My goal is to go straight to the finals, beat the team that reached there after fierce fights, and delivering good performance at Worlds. To reach that goal, I’ll be doing my best, so that I can repay the fans for their support.

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