KT PraY: "I've performed in my first match since my comeback and I did feel nervous. I told my fans that this might be the last chance to see me on stage."

On the 5th of June (KST), kt Rolster defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2:0 in the 2019 LCK Summer Day 1. Kim "PraY" Jong-in was included in the KT starting lineup and successfully made his comeback to competitive gaming. Using Kalista and Xayah, he supported his team well and proved he still had the competitiveness to perform in the pro LoL scene. 

After the match, PraY joined the press room for a post-match interview. 

You've won today's match. How does it feel?

PraY: I actually didn't think I'd get to perform in the LoL PARK. (laughs) It was dramatic to be able to join this team and I eventually received the chance to play on stage. It has been a while since I performed in an official match; the venue and atmosphere changed so I did feel a bit nervous. However, I recovered. I was nervous so it's a relief that I've won. I feel great. 

The fans supported you a lot today. 

A lot of time passed since I received this kind of support; it feels good. Now that  I'm playing in an open booth, I feel that I'm together with my fans and I like it. 


Didn't you lack practice time with your teammates?

Yeah, that was what I was concerned about. We didn't have a lot of time to practice since I put down KT's offer for quite a long time. I only had 2 weeks to practice. It took a lot of determination to join this team and I was worried that I wouldn't have enough time to play with my teammates. It was a relief because the team put in a lot of effort for me. The boys here very positive players and we're working hard to do well. 


How was it to perform in your first LCK match in an open booth? 

I think playing in an open booth is better. Like I've said before, it feels good when I'm performing in an open environment. I feel more excited and I sometimes think that I'm playing the game in a more active way. I was a bit nervous but it felt good [to perform in an open booth]. 


You performed with Smeb and Bdd before. 

Since I'm in a new team, it's obvious that I'd need time to adjust. Since I've played with Bdd and Smeb before, I know their characteristics. I think this made it easier to shape up our teamwork.


How is it to play with SnowFlower?

I don't prefer to overplay; I usually try to go 50:50. SnowFlower likes to play aggressive. We're doing our best to shape up our teamwork. 


The in-game voice chat before you secured a win was revealed. 

Since we were at the verge of winning that game, I was honest. However, I didn't expect that to go live. (laughs) Like I've pointed out, we could've won that game easily but we made some mistakes. I  think that we shouldn't lose a game that we're already ahead in. That's why I thought that we could've lost that game.  


How would you rate your team's performance? 

50 out of 100. I believe that there are players that could improve more and we're going to be better after we shape up our teamwork. If it's about my performance... I think that I only devoted 5%. (laughs)


Do you have any last words?

I've performed in my first match since my comeback and I did feel nervous. I told my fans that this might be the last chance to see me on stage. (laughs) I'm going to put in my utmost before going to the military and increase my pro career to 8 and 9 years. 

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