OPT Crown: "From season 2 to season 4, Twisted Fate was my highest winrate champion in Solo Queue."

OpTic Gaming started off the 2019 LCS Summer Split with a victory over Clutch Gaming. In addition to having their entire starting roster without the VISA issues that plagued the team during spring, Mid Laner Lee "Crown" Min-ho brought an old friend to the rift — Twisted Fate.

TF has not been played in a professional match in quite some time, but Crown showcased impressive understanding of the champion's limits. Crown scaled up as control of the game went back and forth between the CG and OPT sides. However, the late game is OpTic's strongest point, and Crown's manuevering around the map with the usage of Twisted Fate's ultimate, "Destiny" put relentless pressure on Clutch Gaming in the form of split-pushing and flank picks with Gold Card.

Crown joined Inven Global for an interview after OpTic Gaming's victory over Clutch Gaming to discuss the methodology behind his Twisted Fate pick and his familiarity with the Card Master. 


I'm here with OpTic Gaming's Mid Laner Crown. You just won your first game of the season with a Twisted Fate pick, a champion we haven't seen in pro play in quite some time. Why did you pick TF, and do you feel that were you able to use it properly for the situation?

I first started playing Twisted Fate in season 2. From season 2 to season 4, Twisted Fate was my highest winrate champion in Solo Queue. That's why I like TF, but I had to stop playing it when I was in LCK. The champion doesn't have a lot of damage and the laning phase is sometimes hard, but in this meta, I can sometimes use TF. When looking at Clutch Gaming's composition, I felt that Twisted Fate would be a good pick because I could do everything I wanted against their champions, so I picked it.

Have you been practicing TF a lot recently?

Yeah, I practiced it this year before the start of LCS during scrims.

You moved around the map very well.

*Laughs* Thank you.

Was map movement part of what OpTic Gaming practiced in the off-season?

It's too early to tell if we're actually playing better yet, but we tried really hard on improving communication and laning phase. Those were the main things we worked on, and I think things went well today.



This is your second split in LCS. What did you learn in the first split about playing in NA compared to other regions?

The culture is the main difference. Whether it be after or before a scrim or a game, I'd say the culture is very different.

The other difference is the schedule. For example, in LCK, we had games on Monday and Wednesday, or if not those days, we still had a day off in-between. LCS games are played on Saturday and Sunday back-to-back. Being here both Saturday and Sunday to play means it is more difficult for me to get any rest in-between games and maintain top condition.

I'm impressed by your English, it's quite good.

*Laughs* Thank you, but I don't think so!

It's better than a lot of other past imports after only one split. Had you spoken English before joining OpTic Gaming, and has the organization helped you learn at all with an English teacher or something similar?

OpTic had an English teacher, but I stopped studying. I can't study right now because when I tried to add that onto our regular practice and game schedule, I got burnt out and I'm still recovering. I know a bit of English from when I learned it in elementary and middle school, so I've been using the little amount of words that I know.

Do any of your teammates help you with in-game communication in English?

I've learned most of it myself, but our Bot Laner Noh "Arrow" Dong-hyeon has also taught me a little bit about in-game speak.

▲ Image Source: Riot Games

This past spring, OpTic started off the season with VISA issues. Now that your starting roster is here from the very start of the Summer Split, does that make you feel more calm and prepared?

Yeah, but I mean, we just started today. There's only been one game so far, so we'll see after the season.


What are your goals for the 2019 LCS Summer Split?

I want to be a champion in LCS, and I want to go to Worlds representing NA, but I'm not sure. I don't really want to think about what I would define success as after only one day of regular season play. It's too much, so I just focus on the next game tomorrow, and the next week, and the week after that etc. Still, I want to find a goal like that for myself.

Thank you so much for the interview, Crown. Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thank you to all my fans for cheering for me.



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