Riot Reveals Their Mordekaiser Rework… the Iron Revenant Back With New Appearance and Skillsets

▲ Source: Riot Games


Riot Games has officially revealed a video clip including details on their new Mordekaiser rework.  It is expected that he'll be updated with a new lore, appearance, and skillsets.

His Passive, 'Darkness Rise' will grant AP damage on his basic attack. If he lands his skills or basic attack 3 times on a champion, an additional splash damage skill is triggered. He also receives a movement speed bonus until escaping from combat.

According to the video clip, the stacks can be seen below his health bar and once he fully stacks up, an aura is triggered that deals damage to nearby opponents. The reworked Mordekaiser will not be equipped with a dash skill; this Passive will most likely be a big help since it also grants movement speed bonus.

His Q skill, 'Obliterate' deals damage to nearby opponents and if he lands it on a single target, additional damage is granted. Moredekaiser's new Q seems to be more convenient to use compared to his current Q which has to be used 3 times to maximize damage. This reworked Q in-game motion looks a lot similar to Nasus' Q, 'Siphoning Strike. However, since it is a non-target skill, it will be more difficult to use.

Moredekaiser’s W skill, 'Indestructible' absorbs 25% of damage taken and dealt. It also grants shield up to the absorbed amount. If you use this skill once again, you can consume 50% of the shield and heal yourself.

His E, ‘Death’s Grasp’ as a passive, grants 25% Magic Penetration. Once you land the skill, you can deal damage and drag opponents. The new E skill will come in handy for this low-mobility champion.


If you wish to dual against an opponent, simply use your ultimate, ‘Realm of Death’. This skill will immediately send you and your opponent to a separate place where you can 1 vs 1 a single enemy for 7 seconds. This might not be a fair and square dual since it will also absorb partial stats of the foe. If you succeed to kill your target, you’ll be able to keep those absorbed stats until the target respawns.

▲ Do you need to steal a Drake? No need to worry. 

Although specific stats haven’t been revealed just yet, looking at his new appearance and skillsets, he seems to hit the Rift as a totally different champion. Now we won’t be seeing his ultimate used on a Drake in order to enslave it. Banishing Mordekaiser and an opponent for an unfair 1 on 1 will be something very new for the LoL users. Nevertheless, it does seem that Riot did a fair amount of work on re-creating Mordekaiser’s somewhat vague identity. Watch the video clip released by Riot Games below and see how this "Iron Revenant" has been reworked.


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