IGEC Panel Highlight: Esports Journalism: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

In theory, anyone can write about esports. Free blog websites allow a template, Twitter and Reddit permits a platform for it to be shared on and there are more than enough games in existence that scribbling down notes from time to time can give one the illusion of playing "journalist."


At the 2019 Inven Global Esports Conference [IGEC 2019], this panel of long-time experts in the industry will explore the current esports journalism landscape, dissect how the explosion of social media has flipped the profession on its' head, and more.


                                                                                                                                                                           Photo: CSadria
▲ Richard Lewis and Duncan "Thorin" Shields.


Long-time content creator, Yoonsup "Locodoco" Choi, will be moderating the panel of some of the biggest names in esports journalism with more than 50 years of experience between the speakers.


InvenGlobal's own Director of Strategic Content, Nick D'Orazio, will be among the group of individuals bringing insight into this growing, yet misunderstood industry. D'Orazio, who leads a staff of content creators for the site, will attempt to shed some light on the industry using his unique and active day-to-day role.


Alongside him are a few titans in the world of esports journalism that should need very little introduction.



Duncan "Thorin" Shields has worked in the industry since the early 2000s and few are more blunt, experienced and outspoken when it comes to his approach to esports. With a history of critically covering games such as Quake, League of Legends, CS:GO and Starcraft --to name a few-- Thorin's tell-it-as-it-is mentality has created a following that is surpassed by few individuals.




Richard Lewis is synonymous with the CS:GO scene as one of the pioneers behind digging up and reporting on major scandals within the community over the years. From gambling sites aimed at exploiting the game's younger audience to developers not understanding what is needed in a healthy competitive scene and much, much more, Richard Lewis has seen it all and has stories to tell. Don't be fooled by his association with the CS:GO circuit, his knowledge extends across the industry as a whole. 




The final member of the panel, Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles, has analyzed, coached and commentated across numerous titles since his start in the scene years ago. Currently, a shoutcaster for the Overwatch League, MonteCristo has never been afraid to voice his opinions, --popular or not-- to his large social media following and force consumers of his content to stop and think before they speak. With experience in the Warcraft 3 and League of Legends scenes on his resume as well, he's not just a one-trick pony and can shed light on the industry using his unique perspective.




This panel will take place at 4:00pm in the Crystal Cove of University of California Irvine's Conference Center and should not be missed by anyone invested in the world of esports journalism. Feel free to check out more of the IGEC panels here: https://www.invenglobal.com/igec/panels

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