[MSI KR Reactions] SKT vs. IG: "What is this? Fast Food Meta?"



Looks like IG is going to secure their 4th win. CHINA NO.1

ㄴAgreed. ff@20

[News] SKT T1 wins the 2019 MSI and the 2019 World Championship!
ㄴYou having fun?

I’m from the future. Faker solo-kills Rookie.
ㄴI can’t tell if you’re being toxic or not.

“Our match will soon begin… Faker!”

ㄴEither Faker or Rookie, one of the two is going to be criticized for the rest of the year.

If SKT loses, I’m going to kill myself. I’m being serious.
ㄴYour death is guaranteed then.

I feel SKT is going to beat everyone in a BO5.
ㄴHeard that one in 2018.

[Match Begins]

Why is solo queue down right now?
ㄴRiot is telling us to shut up and watch MSI.

Sona-Taric??? Stop trying to play such a gimmick!
ㄴSona’s head is going to go boom by Draven.
ㄴIsn't this their first time playing Sona-Taric? Isn’t it a bit dangerous to try something new like that against such a strong team?
ㄴIt’s probably because SKT can’t win with their usual picks.


???: "Sona and Taric? LEC approve, LCK."

I bet fans from other countries see Faker as someone like Doublelift. ‘Used to be a legend, doesn't play as well as he used to, but always makes it to an international tournament.’
ㄴThey’re completely different idiot.
ㄴIf Doublelift and Faker stand side by side in NA, who do you think the fans will ask for an autograph?
ㄴㄴ I say Faker.

The second he snapped his fingers, half his team’s summoner spell went on cooldown lmao.
ㄴ Looks like a bad start for SKT...

SKT is getting wrecked.
ㄴ I don’t understand SKT’s picks. Did they really think IG didn’t prepare for Sona-Taric?
ㄴ If SKT makes a comeback, it’ll be legendary. But sadly, I don’t see them coming back.

JackeyLove bought BF at 4 minutes and completed Bloodthirster at 7 minutes. Lmao.
ㄴ What is this? Fastfood Meta?
ㄴ McSKT employees working quickly and efficiently.

This is Clid’s drawing of Lee Sin. (Photo: ESPN Fionn)
ㄴCool self-portrait.
ㄴHe drew and expressed his Lee Sin performance with hyper-realism.

I prepared this photo for today’s match. I guess I can't use it now.
ㄴI miss RNG.

I blame jetlag.
ㄴ It sucks when you get little sleep, right?!


Another pause? Really?
ㄴ SKT needed a minute to find the FF button.

The chances are one in a couple million...

Now that I think about it, Faker had predicted that he won’t be winning any international tournament in 2018 and 2019...

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