The Asia Pacific region will kick off Hearthstone's inaugural Grandmasters season

Hearthstone esports has only just recovered from the World Championships, but the next adventure awaits already. Grandmasters, the highest possible level of competitive Hearthstone, is starts on May 17, with 48 players across the entire world competing. Today, Blizzard shared the schedule for the first four weeks of the eight-week long season 1.

At 8:00 pm CEST / 11 am PST, it's up to South Korea's Surrender and the Philippines' Staz to set the bar for the rest of the world. The other players in their division - Asia Pacific, division A - follow immediately after. When the four Asia Pacific matches have concluded Europe picks up the baton with Viper and Thijs. The first day concludes with the Americas' region's A division, when Firebat takes on PNC. It's not a wait-and-see for the players in each region's division B though. All 48 players have to play twice each week of the Round Robin phase, making the weekends a feast for competitive Hearthstone enthusiasts.

The divisions

Asia Pacific


  Division A       Division B  
Ryvius Flurry FroStee   SamuelTsao Dawn Blitzchung
Alutemu Che0nsu Tom60229   Glory BloodTrail Pathra
Surrender Staz       Shaxy Tyler


  Division A       Division B  
Thijs Bozzzton Bunnyhoppor   Casie Hunterace Seiko
SilverName Feno Kolento   Jarla Pavel Orange
BoarControl Viper       Swidz Rdu


  Division A       Division B  
StrifeCro Amnesiac Muzzy   Rase Monsanto Zalae
Fr0zen Firebat Bloodyface   ETC Purple Dog
PNC Eddie       Nalguidan Justsaiyan

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