SKT Khan on TheShy: "I agree that he’s good, but I’m not sure if he’s the best."

SK Telecom T1 headed to the first international as the new ‘dream team’. On their way to Vietnam on May 6th (KST) to take part in the 2019 Mid Season Invitational, Kim “Khan” Dong-ha had a few words to share.

Your comments heading to the MSI last year was quite interesting. Anything this year?

This year? Kneel before I make you! ...Or should I kneel? (Laughs)

You’ll be meeting TheShy of iG, who’s earned his reputation of the strongest in lane. Are you any worried about facing him?

I’m acquainted with TheShy so we know each others’ play styles quite well. I haven’t met him in the league, so I can’t really evaluate him that well. What I can say is that I agree that he’s good, but I’m not sure if he’s the best.

You did a belly dance as a reaction to CuVee’s donation. Can you do that to anybody?

No. It was something I did specially for someone that works in the same field. It’s not a reaction that can be done for only 20 bucks… (Laughs) (How about if you win this MSI?) Probably not...

▲ Image source: SK Telecom T1 Youtube

When SKT went on vacation to Singapore, I heard the tree coward(?)s, Faker, Khan, and Haru were afraid of taking rides at the theme park…

I ride them really well, but I was looking after the two, Faker and Haru, who couldn’t, so I wasn’t able to ride it. So many regrets.

What’s the most memorable during the vacation?

We were waiting in line at the theme park and one of the employees there recognized Faker and suggested to him to go to the free-pass line. Faker refused, but we waited in line for 30 minutes… If I were him, I probably would have gone to the free-pass line. (So that person didn’t recognize you?) Of course [he didn't recognize me]. Faker is a world star.

Lastly, a word regarding this MSI?

We’re representing LCK this year; I’ll do my best preparing so that we can return with good results. Thank you.

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