What you need to know about the Warcraft 3 offline tournament 'Iron Couch'

In just four days, the Warcraft 3 offline tournament the 'Iron Couch' — here is what you should know before witnessing traditional Warcraft in its most competitive modern iteration.

On May 11th and 12th TaKeTV, Yoan ‘ToD’ Merlo, Matcherino and GameStop will bring another Warcraft 3 offline event to your screens, the 'Iron Couch'.  After the recent MTW Legendary Cup this is the second offline event in Germany, and it will probably not be the last either.

At the TakeTV headquarter in Krefeld, Germany, 32 players will have the chance to compete for a prize pool of currently $1414.5, though you can support the event by purchasing some ‘Iron Couch’ merchandise, or by directly contributing to the event to further increase the prize pool. More Informations can be found on the Matcherino tournament site: matcherino.com/t/ironcouch

Many well-known European players have already signed up for the event, including SyDe, Ente, Anima, Neytpoh and more. A full list of registered players can be found here: 

The games will be cast by Kevin 'Rotterdam' van der Kooi and ToD, but as with all TakeTV events you can expect to see many other guest commentators giving us the ins and outs from the casting couch.
If you’re unfamiliar with TakeTV, it was founded by former Warcraft 3 pro player Dennis ‘TaKe’ Gehlen and has been host to many great tournaments, be it Homestory Cup for Starcraft 2, or Seatstory Cup for Hearthstone, all of which are well regarded by players as well as fans and viewers.
ToD recently made a youtube video about the upcoming tournament:

The tournament will start early on the 11th and end late on the 12th and the games will be streamed at twitch.tv/taketv. Interestingly enough, today had some more good news regarding the casting situation of the tournament, as you can see in the following tweet.


If you've seen any english speaking Warcraft 3 tournament cast lately it was most likely Jannes 'Neo' Tjarks & Remo 'Remodemo' Rimmel from Back2Warcraft, so it is awesome that they will cast this event as well. Until the quarterfinals you can follow their casting at the TakeTV B-stream at twitch.tv/back2warcraft.

Another great feature of the tournament is the chance to watch the games live at the TakeTV location. Spectator passes will be available at 5 €, so if you’ve got the time, come by and have a drink at their very own TakeTV bar while watching some Warcraft 3 LAN action.

Address: Alte Linner Str, 93-97, 48899 Kefeld, Germany
Nearest Airport: Düsseldorf

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