LA Valiant's Agilities: "It's been a struggle for me to get used to that mentality of switching completely from trying to frag to keeping my team alive."

One of the two Los Angeles teams are struggling in this season’s Overwatch League. For the Valiant’s Brady "Agilities" Girardi, his comfort zone lies with the DPS role. However, so far, he’s had to adapt to more of a flex role as Brigitte. It was a 180-degree turn for the DPS player, but he is willing to improve for the team.

After the Valiant defeated the Washington Justice in Stage 2 Week 3, Agilities spoke with Inven Global about having to adapt to a non-DPS role, what changes are needed to the meta, and his relationship with fellow teammate Young-seo "KariV" Park.

Photo by Robert Paul

Congrats on the victory. First, let's play a word association game. Just give me the first thought that comes to mind.


Not fun.


Not fun.



Gamer snacks


Throughout the season so far, you've had to play a non-DPS role. How hard was it for you to adapt to that role?

It's kind of weird because I have to get out of the mindset that I have to kill things. With Brig, you don't have to kill things, you have to keep your team alive. It's been a struggle for me to get used to that mentality of switching completely from trying to frag to keeping my team alive. It's such a different thing.

How did you change your mindset?

I'm a very aggressive player and that's what I've been doing on Genji. So coming from that to Brig where I'm staying in the middle of my team, trying to keep them all alive is really weird.

Photo by Robert Paul

What was one thing that you learned so far throughout this whole experience of switching roles?

I have to think that in GOATS, it's made me be a better team player. Before in Season 1, I was like a bad team player oriented. I was more focused on improving myself. With GOATS, in general, the game is very complex. There's a lot that I need to learn still. I had to change my mindset.

Did anyone help you out throughout the transition?

We have really smart players like Space, Fate, and Custa. They always give me tips. In general, they talk about the game. I get to learn a lot from them. Also, we have a new coach, Promise, who's given me personalized feedback for Brig. It's helped me a lot for sure.

So one more question about the game. Heading into the second half of the season, we need to see changes to the meta. If you had any say in it, what suggestions would you make?

I think before Baptiste was an option to run GOATS. I think nerfing Brig really hard was the best idea because she's still essential. I feel like before Baptiste, she was always strong and the thing that held GOATS together. I feel nerfing her really hard eliminated that GOATS potential, especially with nerfs to Zarya, Zen, and Lucio. I think if they really nerf Brig again and if Baptiste becomes a new thing for GOATS, then they need to make changes to Zarya, for instance.

Photo by Ben Pursell

Do you think that there need to be any changes to DPS heroes?

I don't know because if you make changes to the DPS heroes and GOATS goes out of meta, then all the DPS heroes will be so strong that it's going to be another DPS meta. I don't know if they want that exactly. It's hard to balance a game like Overwatch because there are so many heroes and factors that go into it.

A lot of players suggested the 2-2-2 role lock. What are your thoughts about that?

I think that would be good for the game. At least for a little bit to test it out or something. I think it's something for Blizzard to consider. It would help the game a lot.

Let's switch topics and not talk about the game. At times when things were rough for you this season, who was there to keep your head up?

I'd say it is probably KariV. He's always someone I can talk to. He's my roommate and best friend.

Photo by Robert Paul

Are you open to talking about certain things with KariV?

Yeah, definitely! It's kind of hard because he's not fluent with English, but I know what he's saying, especially if a translator is needed.

From seeing your Gamer Snacks videos with KariV, you two have a great dynamic. What makes you two like best friends?

It started at the end of last season. We were friends but not that close. Ever since Season 2 started back up, we just got really close. We started talking more and joking more with each other.

What would you say broke the ice between you two?

I think maybe getting the cat for our apartment. We started talking more at that time. We got our haircuts together and had a great time in Season 1.

Photo by Robert Paul

So I didn't get a chance to ask KariV this, but why did you get the cat?

I don't know. I figured it would be nice because my roommate recently left. So, it would be best to have someone else in the apartment so I figured the cat would be a great addition. I wanted one for a while anyway so this was a perfect opportunity during the break after Season 1.

From first-hand experience, I have a dog and the dog helps me when I feel stressed. Does it work for you too?

Yeah, I had two dogs growing up too. The pets have always been around in my family. It's always nice to have something that's there for you, like a stress reliever.

When I come home, I lay down and my cat lays down beside me. It makes me feel happy, you know. I'm just chilling, relieving stress, and not think about the game.

Going back to KariV again, you mentioned that his English needs improvement. Have you seen improvements yourself?

For sure, it's like night and day. I've played with him since 2017 when he first joined Immortals. Looking back on his English then seeing it now, it's definitely a lot better.

Photo by Robert Paul

Have you helped him with English?

I tried to teach him more complex things that he doesn't understand like little jokes. It's hard because sometimes he doesn't remember what I'm trying to teach him. But, I try my best. When he has questions, he comes to me.

When I interviewed him before, he mentioned that he had this problem where he talks to a girl and it sounds like he would say 'he' instead of 'she'. Does he still have that problem?

Yes, he does! He actually did that last night. It was so funny. He always says 'he' when he's trying to say 'she'. His sister came by for the family thing a couple weeks ago and would say it like, "My sister. He's coming." I'm like, "Wait, you have a brother coming?" Then he would clarify that his sister is coming. I think it's hard for him to grasp that for some reason.

KariV also mentioned you taught him the word, addict. Can you elaborate more about that?

I think he stopped but he was playing this Farmville game. It's an online game, you build a farm, then you have other people in his farm. Then he's like, "My people need me! My people are waiting for me!" He's always playing this in between games and on the ride home. I think he stopped the addiction recently. I just haven't seen him play it.

Photo by Robert Paul

Lastly, thanks for the interview and best of luck this season. Do you have any shout outs?

I want to give a shout out to all the fans for always being there and supporting us, despite the losses and rough season we've had so far. Thank you to my team and family for supporting me. 

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