IG Rookie: "I thought this morning, 'How would it feel when I touch the trophy? Would I cry again?'"

On the 22nd of April (CST), Invictus Gaming (IG) defeated JD Gaming (JDG) 3:0 and lifted the 2019 LPL Spring trophy. 

The current Worlds champion, IG displayed quite a one-sided match for games 1 and 2. They simply dominated the game starting from the laning phase. In the 3rd set, JDG finally seemed to have recovered the solid performance they've displayed this playoff. However, IG's top laner, TheShy stepped up for his team and single-handedly carried the mid to late game teamfights on Vladimir. They soon turned the tables after securing the Baron. After winning another teamfight, IG successfully destroyed JDG's Nexus and lifted their very first LPL trophy. 

After the series, the IG crew visited the press room for a post-match interview. 


Q: In Game 3, you were grinning when you locked Draven. How did you feel? What do you think of your performance on Draven?

Jackeylove: Actually, I just wanted to show it at first, then I thought there was still Game 4 to go even if we lost. So I said I would like to try it. Also, it was a good matchup against Kai'sa. That was how I picked him and the result was not bad actually.


Q: Your teamwork was fantastic today! Who was the shotcaller in teamfights?

Rookie: Everyone was making calls. There was not a main shotcaller and everyone shared their own views. We seldom have a main shot-caller; we like to share our ideas together. 


Q: What's your goal for this MSI?

Rookie: It depends. If I could win the MSI, that would be a result of our teamwork. Actually, we are pretty tired right now since we didn't have much time to rest. The schedule was very tight as well. There is no vacation and we are flying to Chengdu later today. [In the MSI] We will just try our best to play as we normally do.


Q: Did you predict a 3-0 going into this match? How would you rate your players' performance today?

Coach: I did think we were going to win with a 3-0 or 3-1 if we could get the first game. They were climbing from the bottom, so we had a lot of time to prepare for this match. That was pretty good.


Q: You struggled a lot in Game 3 and JDG was once on a huge lead. How did the team communicate and finally make a comeback?

Rookie: Personally, I thought it was a bit tough since they focused on me.  But I thought that we could win. My teammates did a good job, so we just needed to stall and scale up. In the late game, our engaging was on point and Vladimir was very strong. JDG seemed hasty at times which gave us chances to reverse the game. That was how we won the game.


QYou said being the LPL champions was one of your dreams. How does it feel? 

Rookie: As a matter of fact, I also thought of it this morning, "How would it feel when I touch the trophy? Would I cry again?" But I didn't feel anything when it came true. Probably this was due to our underperformance in game 3. Today we were able to show our powers. We could do it together and our teamwork is going to improve. Let's do better in the upcoming MSI!


Q: You picked Sejuani, a passive jungle champion in Game 2. But you were invading enemy jungle all the time!

Ning: I had a higher level and I was kind of angry since I burned my flash because of Syndra. So I kept ganking her.


Q: What is the meaning of this title to you?

Rookie: It is pretty meaningful. It would be a sweet memory to recall when I retired. For now, it's not comparable with our S8 World Champion. It's not easy to make it this far though.


Q: You picked 3 different supports and you made amazing plays today. How did you come up with that?

Baolan: Those champion were easier to use and I was comfortable with them. That is the reason.


Q: Why did you pick Rakan, an unpopular champion in the pro scene?

Baolan: Rakan was a good choice in that situation. Our bot was confident with any champions.


Q: The IG players looked very happy after the win in game 2. What kind of feedback did you share with your guys after that game? 

Coach: We got Xayah and Rakan in game 1 which was something we had expected, and everything went according to our plan. I didn't say anything particularly. So was Game 2, I just told them "Don't let your guards down."


Q: You have reached your 2500 assists in your pro game. What's your feeling right now?

Baolan: I'm a little old.


Q: In your last interview, you said you have to work harder when seeing Zoom's performance. So did you prepare something special going into this match? How would rate Zoom's performance?

TheShy: There was nothing to worry about since our coaches have done some preparation. We understood their idea after game 1; Zoom was not planning to play head to head with me. So I was not nervous at all. Everyone did their part in today's match.


Q: JDG upset many top teams and made it into the final. Fans said it was an amazing run from them. What did you prepare before going into the finals? 

Coach: They were the 8th seed team and they played two BO5s. We did have plenty of time to prepare. Xayah, Rakah, and Draven were what we have prepared for the semis, we just didn't use them. 

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