JAG H-Dragon on the LCK Summer Promotion and His Homework for the Next Split

On the 21st, at the Seoul LoL Park, the final series of the 2019 LCK Summer Promotion took place, and with a score of 3-1, Jin Air Green Wings bested ES Sharks and successfully protected their spot in the LCK. After the series, JAG's head coach, H-Dragon, thanked the many teams and fans who helped him and his team throughout their recent ordeal.

The following is a press interview with H-Dragon.

How do you feel about your victory?

This was our second time playing in the promotions [relegations]. It's not an easy experience. I'm glad that we survived.

On a previous day, you had predicted today's match to end 3-1 in JAG's favor. 

I had predicted that the teams from Challengers Korea didn't or couldn't give it their 100% on the first day. I knew that their level of play will increase with their time here, playing at LoL Park. I let my players know that beforehand - I told them to stay level-headed, even if they were to lose a set. 

Even during the promotion matches, JAG's weak mid-to-late game macro showed on stage.

Being a promotion match, I predicted that pulling off an early snowball would be difficult. As for our picks, we decided to play champions who play aggressively from the start. During the series, the team coordination was a bit off - when the splitpushers were pressuring the side lanes, the players who were not, needed to be careful and stay safe. I'll make sure to strengthen them in that area.

In preparation for the Summer Split, what do you believe JAG needs to improve on most and foremost?

Our team had frequent roster changes. Due to the constant change in members, our players weren't able to develop strong teamwork and the ability to shotcall. I believe we need to 'upgrade' ourselves in that regard.

How will you build your team's roster for the Summer Split?

When our team was struggling during the Spring split, I really wanted to use my sub players. However, they weren't quite ready. Although the starting players are the best at their role, currently, we don't know what'll happen next split. Another homework of mine will be to find the best players within the team. I want both my coaching staff and players to work hard to achieve this.

Your team did show some improvement during the latter half of the Spring split and during the promotions. 

I get really surprised at how Seize plays sometimes. He was very nervous today, but despite that, he played aggressively and wore the mantle of shotcaller throughout today's series. However, I believe it's more important for my players to improve as a team.

Do you have a player that you're expecting great things from?

Either Seize or Route. I want them to become better and reach a higher place. I don't expect them to grow as fast as Teddy did, but I'm expecting them to grow at a similar pace. 

Any last words?

I want to apologize to my organization for having performed so poorly. However, although we performed poorly, our number of fans has increased. I really want to thank them for their support.

During my preparation for the promotions, I called and asked for help from other teams.

Excluding the teams who were unable to help as they were on vacation; SK Telecom T1, Griffin, Kingzone DragonX, Hanwha Life Esports, DAMWON Gaming, Gen.G Esports, MVP, VSG, iG, JDG, TOP, MAD Team, and FW played scrims with us. I really want to thank them - especially the coaching staff of Hanwha Life Esports and DAMWON Gaming. I had also asked the LCK commentator, CloudTemplar, to mentor my players. He did and had sown confidence in their hearts. I want to thank everyone who helped us.

I believe that a person matures through his or her hardships. I know that my players will grow further. As a leader, I'll take responsibility and make sure they see to it. 

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