KT Bdd: "I'll be grinding to reach 1st in solo queue... I’ll return in better shape and better teamwork."

In the Winners’ Match of the 2019 LCK Summer Split Promotions/Relegations match, kt Rolster defeated Jin Air Green Wings 3-0 and succeeded to stay in the LCK. KT showed off their abilities in laning and teamfights and proved that they’re LCK material. After the match, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong and head coach Oh Chang-jong were interviewed.


You’ve managed to stay in the LCK. How do you feel?

Head coach Oh Chang-jong
: Today, I think we were able to show the performance we wanted to show during the regular season. It was good that the players were confident; we’ll do our best so that we can deliver even better performance in the summer split.

: It’s regretful that we had better synergy during the promotions/relegations than the regular season. I’ll think of this experience positively; I think we’ll be able to do better in summer through this experience.

(To Bdd) It wouldn’t have been easy preparing for promotions/relegations. How did you maintain your mentality?

: I was really stressed during the season, but I still concentrated on practice. I think I was able to overcome the stress because the synergy and teamwork during practice was good. At first, when we fell to relegations, it really felt like hell, but after defeating VSG 2-0, the pressure dissolved and preparing became fun. That was why I was able to play without any nervousness today.

What do you think the reason of the lack of performance during the spring split?

: The coaching staff wasn’t able to lead the players well. The players lost confidence as the losing streak went on longer. As we tried to fill in what the players were lacking, I think the players were overpressured. During the promotions/relegations, we tried to talk about what we can do well instead of trying to improve where we lacked to bring up the players’ confidence.

Was starting UmTi something you prepared from before?

: UmTi has experience playing in promotions/relegations. He had a lot of confidence in the match, and he appealed that he would do well if he played.

The laning today was demolishing; something that didn’t show much during the regular season.

: I was confident playing against a mid laner that came to promotions/relegations. I also gained confidence in recent practices. I started off the regular season without any nervousness and enough confidence, but I think as we started losing, my prowess and confidence declined.

The losers’ match and the final match is remaining; who do you think will come up?

: I think Jin Air would come up. They have experience in such match, and I think they’ll deliver better performance than Challengers Korea teams.

: I also think that Jin Air will return. When I watched the Challengers Korea teams’ matches, their performance didn’t seem that solid while comparably, Jin Air has solidness.

Were you stimulated seeing Telecom rivals, SKT T1 win the championship?

: Since it hasn’t been long since I joined KT, I’m not very conscious of the telecom rivalry, but I was jealous watching Khan win the championship since we were in the same team.

How was preparing for the promotions/relegations?

: The season was over, so except for the playoffs teams, there weren’t many teams to practice with. We practiced with foreign and LCK teams that reached the playoffs and played within the team as well. We tried to utilize time to its fullest.

What are you aiming for next season?

: It’s regretful that I wasn’t solid enough as the head coach. I felt myself lacking many things, so I’m aiming to improve that and create a better environment and directions for the players.

(To Bdd) I believe you would want to make up for the results this spring.

: I’ll be grinding to reach 1st in solo queue. I experienced big things during this season. I’ll do my best to stand firm in summer along with my teammates so that we can deliver good performances.

Any last comments?

: I think I’ve shown too much that I lack as a head coach. I’ll do my best to show improvement in the next season.

: I felt many things that I lacked during the last season, but I think I’ve grown a lot through that. I’ll return in better shape and better teamwork with my teammates next summer.

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