Survival from Hell - kt Rolster Manages to Stay in the LCK

On the 18th of April (KST), the winners match of the 2019 LCK Summer Promotions/Relegations took place. Both teams that had previously played in the LCK succeeded to win the first matches and met at the winners bracket: kt Rolster and Jin Air Green Wings.


KT started Eom “UmTi” Seong-hyeon in the jungle for today’s match, and UmTi delivered the performance the team expected from him. He was involved in early kills that put the team ahead. Jin Air did their best to balance out the game, but it wasn’t enough to turn the game around. The gold difference was more than 6K apart before 20 minutes. KT gave up three kills while attempting Baron, but they ended up securing it and took two inhibitors. In the following fight, Song “Smeb” Kyung-ho’s Akali was everywhere, and KT succeeded to end the game.


KT’s momentum was unstoppable in Game 2 as well. KT gained initiative on the objectives by winning skirmishes in the top and mid lanes. Jin Air tried to overcome the gap through more fights, but they were swept as Bdd’s Zoe and Smeb’s Hekarim scaled. Jin Air fell further behind and wasn't able to stand back up. 

Jin Air substituted mid and jungle in the following game and brought out a late-game comp. Although they had a good start with Lindarang’s solo kill on Smeb, Jin Air wasn’t able to leash Bdd’s feet. As Bdd’s Taliyah started to roam around the map, Jin Air wasn’t able to endure the attacks anymore. With the help of Bdd, KT’s bottom duo was able to move around as well. After winning a teamfight at 22 minutes, KT was able to take Baron. Three attempts to bring down the Nexus was enough, and KT took the series 3-0.

KT returned from hell after falling to the promotions/relegations match; they survived without losing a single set and managed to stay in the LCK. Jin Air will be playing the winner of the losers’ bracket (ES Sharks vs VSG, Friday) on Sunday.

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